Sitecore Hits Double Digits

Sitecore 10 is like a new highway for Sitecore’s Experience Platform. It doesn’t just pave the way for Sitecore’s roadmap, it adds lanes and resurfaces! Sitecore 9 introduced a broader, partitioned eco system providing expanded services and enhanced scalability; however, it also brought complex setups which inadvertently added unwanted time to projects for onboarding, upgrading, and deploying. Sitecore 10 provides a welcomed solution for developer and devOp teams leveraging container technology. This will ease project timelines and accelerate team contributions. While tools such as Docker require new skills and learning for many developers, the Sitecore documentation and significant community contributions will smooth over the transition. Sitecore 10 couples container support with a new data serialization option, absolving the question of which tool to use and providing a consistent path forward for implementation teams.

In addition to streamlining the development flow, Sitecore 10 iterates improvements across it’s platform ranging from under-the-hood improvements for pdf indexing to continued growth on the anticipated Horizon editing interface. There are updates for SXA/scriban, EXM email templates, salesforce connector, new reporting and segmentation by Audience, and even a new birthday campaign.

These tools and improvements along with the Sitecore 10 introduction of a new ASP.NET Core headless development option set the scene for what comes next; the Sitecore highway for you to ride and connect with your customers.

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  • Sitecore Tech Evangelist, Jason St-Cyr, encapsulates the release well “With Sitecore 10.0, the focus has been on new innovations for usability, accelerated time to market, and improved performance with features for both Marketing and IT.” Read his Sitecore 10 highlights:


Happy Birthday Sitecore!


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