Where Technology Fits In With Career and Technical Education

Put simply, Career and Technical Education (CTE) is today’s version of a vocational education. CTE is a program that teaches students technical skills through classes offered in middle school and high school. They are often associated with programs offered at local community colleges, allowing students to continue on their journey towards earning a diploma, degree, or certification upon graduating from high school. There are a wide range of fields that students can study, from art to engineering to business and technology, among many others.

The tax dollars that are used to fund CTE services must be used to support each state’s Department of Education approved career-technical education programs. The grants and funds are provided via the Perkins Act, which was discussed in an earlier blog. All taxpayer money must be used for the educational programs that are provided with state and local resources. In order to be CTE-compliant, school districts in most states have to use these funds to provide supplemental services that normally would not have been offered. 

Technology can be an integral part of ensuring CTE compliance. With the goal of helping students gain knowledge and skills that will help them with their future, it’s critical to have the framework in place to measure their progress, allow them to explore various career pathways, and chart their future goals. As part of CTE compliance, the feedback of teachers, guidance counselors, parents, and students are critical to ensure that all goals and objectives are being met every step of the way.

Online programs, like StudentLINK, meet many of the compliance standards associated with CTE programs. The U.S. Department of Education approved this technology and it not only is great for compliance, it’s also a dynamic solution that truly helps students. They can track their progress with student readiness indicators and test score tracking. Future goals can be set and tracked, with career interest surveys and career pathways serving as the foundation for these goals. Tools for educators include various reports and metrics that measure the student’s goals, as well as secure communication features that foster engagement between all interested parties.

StudentLINK serves as a shining example of how technology can help any educational institution with CTE compliance. More importantly, it’s a great solution that will help students as they navigate from high school to college or the workplace.

If interested, please check out the link on our website for many more details. You can also contact us and get a demo of this powerful student readiness platform.

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