Google Releases May 2020 Core Update

Yesterday, Google confirmed that the ‘May 2020 Core Algorithm Update’ has officially commenced.

Core updates always cause slight consternation within the digital marketing and SEO communities, because many websites will see their rankings affected by these core updates, the last one having rolled out in January of 2020. They don’t provide details of their core updates, but Google does let us know they’ll take 1-2 weeks to fully roll-out.  

Each day, Google comes out with changes to their algorithm to improve search results. These aren’t typically noticeable, but core updates are different. A core update comes out every 3-4 months or so, and they are important, larger changes to the Google search algorithm and systems. In their everlasting mission to present relevant content to the hundreds of millions of people using the Google search engine, core updates are significant. They are designed to have a noticeable impact for search results for all languages throughout the world.

While our team of SEO experts is still assessing the details and effect it will have on search rankings, Google did provide a general overview of what we should know about their core updates.   

It’ll be interesting to know the specifics of this latest update, but from a high level we do know it will focus on giving a higher ranking to sites that:

- provide good, quality content

- are easily accessible on any device

- load fast

- don’t have a lot of annoying and unnecessary ads that make it hard to find content

Having a smart, knowledgeable SEO team that can adapt and constantly improve your search rankings is important throughout the year, especially during core update time.

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