Year in Review: Top 5 Blogs Written by our Partners in 2019

Here at, we have the privilege of working with innovative technology partners from all around the world. In 2019, our partners have contributed to our blog and provided their expertise and advice on a number of topics across a wide range of industries. Here are 5 of their blogs that you read the most.

5. 8 Digital Goals Every Nonprofit Should Have for the Year

Long gone are the days when nonprofits operated strictly from a binder with spreadsheets and mail-in donations. The advancement of technology has helped propel nonprofits forward and grow faster than ever. In this blog, our partner Community Brands provides 8 tips to help your nonprofit develop in today’s digital age.

4. Four Ways Fraud Protection Makes Your Ecommerce Business Better

As online retail grows, so do security threats to ecommerce businesses. An ecommerce storefront without reliable fraud protection leaves the business vulnerable to devastating losses. In this blog, our partner Signifyd explains the key benefits of having a reliable fraud protection tool.

3. Cheapest Way to Ship

Shipping is a necessary cost for every ecommerce business. Luckily, our friends at ShipStation have shared the best tips and tricks to lower shipping costs. Use the advice in this blog to help build a fulfillment plan that suits your business the best.

2. Five tips to boost your compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was passed on June 28th, 2018. Similar to the GDPR, the CCPA will require companies in scope to enhance data privacy management practices, expand individual rights processes, and update privacy policies by January 1, 2020. In this blog, TrustArc brings you 5 tips to help you jumpstart your CCPA compliance plan.

1. Making the Move to Modernize: B2B Ecommerce Stores

With different processes around payments, budgeting, cataloging, and custom product needs, business-to-business (B2B) selling is unmistakably more complicated than selling to consumers (B2C). In this blog, one of our top platform partners, BigCommerce explains a few ways to modernize your B2B selling efforts and move your business online.

We appreciate all of the knowledge and information our experienced partners have provided in 2019 and we’re looking forward to even more in 2020! Stick with this blog next year for the latest insights from our own subject matter experts and top technology brands. 

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