Optimizing and Testing the Personas and Behaviors During the Customer Journey

Now that we’ve seen some of those customer journeys and how we hypothesize how we can improve engagement and experience to improve or enhance your brand, let’s look at how we optimize and test conversions.

It would be understandable that some clients may want to implement all of the opportunities so they improve their customer relationships and engagement. Yet that would be an ill-advised approach.

Instead, it’s best to work on one at a time so that you can see if it’s working the way it should. Or if there are other tweaks needed before moving on to another opportunity.

The best approach to testing depends on the complexity of the opportunity. For example, if it’s to boost SEO rankings for a page, we’d use analytics and some other tools to look at what keywords (or phrases) people are using, how often they search for those keywords or phrases, if there’s a regional dialect difference, etc. We’d take this information gathered and focus on making those edits to the page’s content. Then, we’d review the analytics to determine if it is moving in the right direction.

Meanwhile, other testing may be complex and better suited for focus groups, such as creating a new process for purchasing health insurance. This is something we did for a Midwest-based client that had multiple insurance plans for customers in four different states. Since their potential and current customers wouldn’t know what the “best” plan would be for them, it was important we created a series of questions and a logical process so they were asked only what was needed and easily understood what was being asked so they could find the “perfect” insurance plan for their needs.

Other testing could be as simple as using some user behavior tools to see how people engage with the content on the page. Do they see the key CTAs and click on them? Can they find the information they’re looking for in a reasonable time-frame? Where do they stop scrolling or reading on the web page?

In some instances, there may be some things we want to do A/B testing to see which one works better. With others, we may want to create some personalization so that people who visited the website before are shown tailored information based on their previous visit.

What’s important is that we only execute on one tactic at a time to ensure it’s generating the results needed. If it’s not, then we know we need to re-examine and figure out how we are going to fix the problem. But if we would have implemented a variety of opportunities at the same time, we wouldn’t be able to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not.

Once we have optimized and tested the first four personas to maximize the conversion rates or key measurements, we repeat the process with the next four.

Customer journeys are intricate, challenging and extremely helpful when clients are looking for that “extra” to leapfrog over their competitors. 

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