Too Much Of A Good Thing? Sending The Right Amount Of Marketing Emails

Marketers are always looking for the best way to effectively reach their audience to build rapport and brand recognition with them. A constant question being asked today is how many marketing emails should an organization send to effectively accomplish their goals? Opinions on this matter can vary greatly, but most people agree that daily marketing contact with your audience is over kill and will actually backfire by causing a negative reaction in your recipients.

While this is true in many cases, it is not 100% accurate. Every industry’s audience has their own level of passion for their products, communication tolerances and other important factors that will influence what kind of email marketing campaign approach will resonate with them.

Finding the right amount of marketing emails to send to your followers on a regular basis is both an art and a science. Since there is no one right answer, every marketer has to do their best to figure out what will work best for their business. Whether the timing is weekly, monthly or even daily, keeping your clear cut and well defined end goals always in mind is a great yard stick by which to measure success.   

Sports Betting – A Unique Industry  

For many people, sports are more than just games, but rather lifestyles. The website of the Vegas Stats & Information Network ( is a leader in sports betting information and statistics. The site has become the go-to source for passionate fans who love to get data and statistics about sports wagering. VSiN’s audience craves as much information as they can get about their favorite teams and players and’s marketing team doesn’t disappoint. 

The organization communicates with their subscribers on a regular basis, even daily. People who bet on sports are constantly wanting to know the latest status and statistics of the teams they are trying to capitalize on, so they love it when keeps them updated on their specific areas of interest.

The marketing of a sports betting resource website is a unique example of how daily communication with its audience has brought great success. While this approach may not work with every industry, it is a great illustration of the importance of truly understanding what approach is going to work with your particular audience and then implementing a consistent email marketing campaign around it.   

One Size Does Not Fit All
Using Metrics to Find The Right Fit To Accomplish Your Goals  

Knowing exactly how many marketing emails to send to your followers is not easy, as there is no cut and dry answer for every business. In fact, the most effective amount of marketing contacts to have can vary widely, depending on your industry and whether you operate in the B2B or B2C space.

No matter what strategy you decide upon, measuring the results of your campaign is a critical part of determining success. Create a marketing calendar, that allows you to plan out your campaign for the next month or quarter. Doing this develops a sense of consistency in the collective mind of your audience.

Email marketing technology today has a lot of great ways to help you measure the reception a campaign receives. Reports on such metrics as your recipients’ open and click through rate, conversion ratio and bounce rate are really great ways to gauge the quality of engagement your campaign is having.     

Unsubscribes – A Great Barometer

If your unsubscribe rate changes in any notable way as your campaign continues to progress, this can be very telling.  A sudden spike in people wanting to unsubscribe is a pretty clear indication that your approach is not working. A slowdown in shoppers pulling the plug most likely means that your new campaign is having a favorable affect on them. The old expression that people vote with their feet can certainly be applied to email marketing.

Numbers & More Numbers

We know one thing for sure. Email marketers and sports wagering have one thing in common.

They love statistics! As you try and perfect your email marketing strategy, keep the following in mind.

  • 61% of shoppers prefer receiving promotional emails at least once a month.

  • 15% of survey respondents welcome daily email promotions.

  • 35% of marketers send 2-3 emails per month.

*Sources: MarketingSherpa & Direct Marketing Association surveys

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