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Looking for more Sitecore tools to add to your belt? Here are a couple utilities I’ve crafted and frequently find useful.

Remote Cache Kick

Purpose: Clear Sitecore cache on all remote CD instances on demand from CM admin.

Performing a quick cache clear on scaled CDs is a common recurrence. Shout out to Kasaku from sitecore.stackexchange for guiding how to implement this feature. I’ve provided a sitecore install package and helix-style implementation on GitHub.

Item Lens

Purpose: Troubleshoot data discrepancies. Isolate location of unexpected data.

This tool loads field values and highlights differences between Sitecore cache, raw SQL records, Solr index values and master vs. web, all on one screen. This tool greatly reduces time isolating which data is going wrong and where. It has been very helpful inspecting tricky and sporadic issues. For production environments where you don’t have direct access to the solr endpoint (or even when you do), this tool provides visibility to Solr item documents with ease.

Item Lens consists of a stand-alone /sitecore/lens.aspx page, a config file, and a backing dll.  Both a downloadable Sitecore package and the helix-style source code is available on GitHub.

It requires a developer login to access by default. If you’d like to use it on CD instances there is a feature configuration to specify a unique cookie name and value that will grant access instead. This allows an alternative method to restrict access as most CDs have the sitecore login disabled per security hardening guidelines.

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