Digital Resolutions: 3 Do’s and Don’ts for 2019

Yes, we’re still in the holiday season, but Q1 of 2019 is just over the horizon. These last couple weeks are a perfect time to start brainstorming where to take your digital experience in the coming year.

2018 was a hectic one. Social media and privacy took a beating both in the press and in how customers interact with them, and businesses were caught in the middle. Fintech beckons a brave new future of payments and opportunities. And the FAAANG group, even while under increased public scrutiny, continue to write the new laws of digital interactions – more e-commerce, more connected, and more vital than ever before.

For 2019, here are 3 do’s and 3 do nots!


1. Diversify Your Digital Marketing
Brands that rely on one channel put themselves at risk of being on the wrong side of a trend shift. Some of these trends are user generated – such as the rise of video marketing. But others are company driven – such as Facebook spooling down the reach of company posts. To ensure you’re never caught in the middle, a multi-channel digital marketing strategy is a must. Covering the basics – such as organic SEO marketing and email, and augmenting with emerging trends – such as Facebook Live and branded content - ensures that you’re continually in contact with the customer, and not at the mercy of a Silicon Valley boardroom discussion.

2. Have a Responsive Website
It’s 2018, the majority of web browsing is done on mobile, and most customers prefer it. And yet, there are holdouts. If your site is not mobile responsive, you’re costing your business significant revenue and most importantly lifelong customers. It’s not an opinion anymore, your website needs to be responsive.

3. Invest in Your Content
A website with stock photography is like a Ferrari without gasoline. Sure it looks nice, but it’s not going anywhere. Blog posts, videos, white papers, photoshoots - any and all of them should be a piece of your marketing budget for 2019. With them, increasing your SEO rankings, having a better conversion rate, and being more engaging with your customer are all improved. Without them, your 2019 will be a missed opportunity.


1. Do Nothing

Nothing gained, nothing earned. Budgets for development, content, and digital marketing are going up across all sizes of business, and if your activities have stayed the same for three or more years, you’re missing out on revenue and customers.

2. Neglect Your Marketing Calendar
2018 may have passed you by. There may not have been a Black Friday strategy, or a lot of downloads for your content, or traffic may not be where it should have been. Without fail, this is usually due to lack of planning. Think one year ahead to get budgets, activities, and the pieces in place. Being flexible is important, but long-term growth is based on a robust, multi-channel marketing strategy.

3. Ignore Your Analytics
Data doesn’t tell you the whole story, but it’s crucial to discover key insights about your website. From where your customers are coming in from, where they’re dropping off, and what the opportunities are, at the very least let us help you become familiar with your website analytics on a monthly basis.

All three do’s and don’ts can be accomplished regardless of business size and budget. Ask us about any of them today!

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