Partner Year in Review continuously strives to provide the best web solutions for our customers. Our partnership team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of services and support available.

In 2018, we were presented with the following awards by our Partners:

 B2B Excellence – BigCommerce

Best Ecommerce Site Design – BigCommerce

 Top 10 Sites of the Month (May) – Kentico

 Top 10 Sites of the Month (July) – Kentico

 Top 10 Sites of the Month (November) – Kentico

 Top 5 Websites of the Quarter – Sitefinity

 Top 5 Websites of the Quarter – Sitefinity


Working with our partners has become an integral part of our business. In addition to our expertise integrating the various CMS and ecommerce platforms we work with, we have also forged strong, lasting relationships with over 60+ additional technology partners. Just this year we have brought on over 10 new technology partners.

In 2018 we added these new partnerships:

  • Active Campaign – email service provider

  • Addrexx – address verification and validation

  • Acquia – Drupal hosting

  • Cloudflare – CDN, WAF Security Solution

  • Corevist – turnkey solution for inventory, pricing, OMS integration with SAP

  • PageFreezer – respository for archive sites and assets

  • Sezzle – ecomm split payment solution

  • Shipper HQ – storefront shipping management solution

  • Shogun – ecommerce landing pager builder

  • Shopgate – Mobile ecommerce platform

  • Square – Payment processing with POS hardware

  • SubscribePro –subscription based application

  • Tax Jar – tax solution

  • TrustArc – cookie consent, GDPR data management

  • WP Engine – Wordpress hosting

  • Vertex – tax solution

  • Yotpo – ratings and review platform

  • Zmags – interactive, shoppable catalogs


The partners we recommend are fully vetted and they’re committed to customer service. Each provides a valuable product or service to help achieve our clients’ business goals.

Collectively, we work together to help our customers achieve online success. In 2018, a number of our clients leveraged our partnerships to assist in their ongoing website success, including the following websites that utilized 3 or more of our partners:

  • Crystal Cruises: App Dynamics, Siteimprove, Sitefinity

  • Wisconsinmade: Instant Search, BigCommerce, Oracle/Bronto, Shipstation, Shogun

  • AANA: Aptify, Imperva/Incapsula, Cadmium CD, Sitefinity

  • Calamos Investments: App Dynamics, Cloudflare, Sitecore

    Please contact at [email protected] to see how your web presence can continue to improve in 2019 with the help of one of our many technology partners.

    The Partnership Team looks forwards to speaking with you!

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