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Ucommerce was founded in Denmark 2009 and later expanded to the UK, USA, and Australia. It serves as a commerce-first platform that now integrates with Kentico, as a pure-product company (like Kentico).  Commerce-first refers to the separation of website and store (channel).  You want to have one single website, but you likely have variables to account for in selling your product, hence multiple channels.  These variables can include location specific product offerings, pricing and currency by region, local tax rules, shipping options, etc.  Ucommerce in Kentico now gives your website the ability to reach B2B and B2C customers in various channels, from a single site, and manage them all from that same CMS.

What are the advantages of Ucommerce

Ucommerce is an Omni-Channel platform, which means you can manage all your sites for your multiple brands, spread throughout various countries across the world, ALL from your Kentico CMS admin page.  Jump from managing your .com site, over to your site, and then update your .se site, without having to log out or back in!

Use Ucommerce’s Product Information Management (PIM) system to manage various aspects of your global product list from one place, even if the products are displayed across multiple different channels.  Ucommerce’s PIM system allows for a configurable taxonomy and products, having products exist in multiple channels, product relationships, product bundles, and even multi-lingual support.

One of Ucommerce’s strengths is its faceted navigation.  You can control what data will be accessible to your users while they are searching your products.  With a simple checkbox, you can now control which data fields in your data structure are going to produce front end filters for your users, straight out of the CMS!  Where typically this requires programmer assistance, Ucommerce is able to save you on developer time, and simultaneously increase your flexibility and agility in customizing one of the most important pieces of your ecommerce site!

Ucommerce also allows you to create custom incentives for your users, including discount and bundle items, as well as promo codes or vouchers which can be specific to set products.  These offerings are fully customizable and again, can be managed on a per-channel basis since Ucommerce is a commerce-first product.

To take those custom incentives a step further, Ucommerce now enables you to tackle the issue of macro conversion rate (visitors to purchasers) by following up on abandoned carts with targeted emails.   Now, your users can receive personalized emails after abandoning a cart, which contains current promotional offers related to items that were left in that cart.  Ucommerce is essentially enabling you to collect higher conversion rates than Kentico E-commerce alone.

Another huge benefit of Ucommerce is the out-of-the-box, standard integration with (25) payment providers, which includes names such as Braintree and PayPal.

Uconnector allows for the integration of your ERP or PIM system, with your Ucommerce implementation.  For example, product information that would come from your ERP can be pulled into Kentico, enriched, and displayed for users.  Once orders are place, those orders can then be transmitted back into the ERP.

A unique feature of integrating your Kentico site with Ucommerce is the assigned Buddy to your account.  Ucommerce assigns a designated technical resource to your site, so that the knowledge base for your site grows over time, and ensures the most effective customer service possible.

Ucommerce is available for Kentico Base, Ultimate, and EMS Versions 10 and 11.

For more information, contact today to discuss adding Ucommerce with your Kentico website or moving your ecommerce store to the Ucommerce and Kentico CMS.

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