6 Ways to Prepare For Product Customization

1. Gather Digital Assets of Products

Great digital assets are needed to offer product customization. When gathering assets, consider photo quality, number of angles, and the benefit of using a model to showcase a product.

2. Define Business Needs and Objectives

Define the business case for product customization and establish clear goals and objectives. Remember to identify the company’s long-term goals, and what interim moves need to occur over a set period of time to achieve that vision.

3. Define Requirements

Define and document functional and technical requirements that serve both your customer and your business objectives. While most customization projects focus on the user interface, it is also important to consider operational aspects including:

  • Administration of products including rules

  • Scale of adding new products with additional customization rules

  • Templates for products

  • Production-ready output files

  • Real-time pricing updates

  • Save and compare

  • Social sharing

4. Assess ROI

Conversions typically increase by 22-30% when product customization is offered. Develop clear expectations for ROI over specific timeframes.

5. Allocate an Appropriate Budget to Tech

52% of companies indicate an insufficient budget as a barrier to personalization. Don’t let investment be the enemy of ROI.

6. Outline the Workflow

74% of companies indicated a lack of personnel dedicated to customization presented as a barrier. Dedicate resources and consider admin functionality that creates scale from the platform in lieu of hiring a larger staff.


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