How Web Design Can Make or Break Your Site

Life is fast-paced these days. From speeding down the highway to work to texting abbreviations for simple words like “you”, we live very busy daily lives. We’ve evolved into a society that doesn’t want to wait for answers. We seek out the quickest and most efficient ways to find the answers to our inquiries, solutions to our problems, and products for our wants and needs. Luckily, technology provides us with high-speed search engines which allow us to make new discoveries in seconds.  The answers to our inquiries, solutions to our problems, and products for our wants and needs are available at our fingertips. With so many sites ready and equipped to lead us to our answers, how do we decide which sites we want to use?

Many elements can play into our decision to stay on a website. Three main elements of web design which help to direct and keep traffic on a webpage include site visuals, accessibility, and functionality. Check out the list below to learn how web design can make or break your site in today’s fast-paced world. 

Visuals: The First Impression

The homepage of your website is the first interaction the viewer will have with your site. The visuals and lay out of this page will be the first thing to catch the viewer’s eye. To prevent bounce rates, make sure to include appealing visuals as well as a coordinated color scheme. A color scheme and visuals help keep viewers interested in your site and eliminate the open “white space” on your page. Too much white space on your site can create boredom. It can make the viewer feel as if they are scrolling through your site for years. Simply adding color and visuals can create a more enjoyable scroll for your visitors. However, it is important to learn the balance between too many visuals and color and not enough. We don’t want to bore nor overwhelm the site’s users. Finding the perfect balance of eye-catching visuals, a coordinated color scheme, and an organized lay out should be your aim.

Accessibility is Key

Web accessibility is an extremely important element to successfully creating a website. For your site to gain the status of accessible, it must be user-friendly and accessible by all. Once your website is marked as a web accessible site, you invite an even larger community to become a part of your site’s circle. Web accessibility can draw in larger amounts of traffic to your site than a non-accessible site. It also promotes greater customer relations because of your site’s trusted support in becoming accessible to all members of our communities. Accessibility not only promotes new people to view and use your site, it also enables old customers to return because of the site’s usability. The more accessible a site becomes the quicker and more efficient it is for returning customers to use as well. In a society obsessed with finding the quickest and most efficient methods, web accessibility is the key to website prosperity.

Functionality Keeps the Viewers

To attract and maintain your site’s users, an essential element is staying updated with the latest functions and technology. Poor functionality is one of the main reasons users will bounce off your site and onto a site which performs the same tasks with enhanced functionality. As people’s lives continue to grow busier and busier, they seek sites with the latest features to take them where they need to go in one fast and simple step. Viewers will not waste time scrolling through an entire site trying to find what they are looking for; instead, they will hop onto a different site. Enhanced functionality tools, such as an on-site search engine and an easy to use CMS, will put your site ahead of the game and lower your bounce rates. Research and stay involved in the technological world to keep your site running to its highest potential!

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