Kentico 11 – What’s new?

We’re very excited about Kentico 11, the new version recently released by our solutions partner Kentico. Named a challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM in both 2016 and 2017, we’re proud to be working with the Kentico team and their latest release – Kentico 11!

We’ll be outlining the major changes that have been implemented in the K11 release, specifically related to system requirement changes and feature sets/improvements. If you haven’t yet made the jump from an older version, we recommend it.

New Features

  1. Personal data protection features that help with GDPR compliance - If you collect or process data from EU residents or cooperate with EU-based organizations that process the data on their behalf, we strongly recommend you review the features Kentico 11 has to offer. *NOTE: The Data protection application and its features are only available in the Kentico EMS license edition.
  2. Email builder for composing marketing emails – Email marketing has long been a strong suit of the Kentico platform. With K11 comes the use of reusable components called ‘email widgets.’ Build your messages quickly with the new drag/drop editor!
  3. Integration with Azure Search (faceted search support) – To support best-in-class search offerings, K11 expands the search options available to now include a faceted search option with Azure Search.
  4. New options for creating HTML5 input fields - The HTML5 input form control produces fields using the HTML <input> element and provides support for configuring the input type and other attributes for greater flexibility on a variety of devices.,/p>
  5. E-commerce - Prices with or without tax – With new tax controls, Kentico 11 allows you the flexibility to configure and update taxation with different rates according to country and state, as well as to specific products and shipping options.
  6. E-commerce - Discount improvements – Through a variety of merchandising and pricing strategies, Kentico 11’s new discount engine will allow you the ability to incentivize purchasing through a variety of now-native controls.
  7. E-commerce - Support for delayed capture payments

Another exceptional addition with Kentico 11 is the option to extend the native commerce solution with uCommerce to help round out the commerce options of the platform.  By combining the historic commerce functions and tying them into a truly commerce-first platform like uCommerce, the possibilities for online merchants are nearly limitless. Stay tuned for more information in the near future regarding this exciting solution.

Tech Specs (for those interested)

  • Requirement: .NET framework to at least 4.6

  • Additional support for .NET 4.7 and Microsoft SQL server 2017

  • Dev environment support removed: Visual Studio 2012 and 2013

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