Bold Branding Strategy: Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, bold branding is essential to getting your business the recognition it deserves! Strong branding can create identity and bring coherence across channels. Read on for more great site examples and top branding tips.

Unique Photography

Mrs Prindables prominently leverages imagery on their homepage to further showcase their brand. For example, the image of the gourmet apple with the purple Mrs Prindables ribbon is a great way to display branding in the imagery. Another good example for Mrs Prindables is the uniformity of product images used. All images have the same image treatment, including the styling of the products themselves, lending to brand presence and consistency.

Multi-site Marketing Genius

PetComfort is a newly launched company by WeatherTech. Looking at and the graphic styling is indistinguishable. The same fonts and colors are used with the only differentiating factor being darker elements/imagery versus lighter elements/imagery.  Brand consistency is everything, including multiple sites run by the same client. It’s perceptible that vehicle owners love WeatherTech products, given their broad advertising reach on a multitude of marketing platforms. In view of their success, WeatherTech made a smart branding decision to keep the support of their loyal customers by carrying the graphic standards to PetComfort. To reiterate, WeatherTech’s choice to keep the branding in the multi-site family helps consumers and fans to familiarize themselves with the new company, having visual understanding from the parent company they know and trust. C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-C-Y is everything.  

7th Inning Stretch

Chicago Dogs is another recently launched website by that utilizes the branding techniques discussed above. The new baseball team uses heavyweight fonts and a simple color pallet, and baseball background imagery throughout the homepage. Chicago Dogs balances color with a two-color primary approach, using red and blue with the rest of the colors neutral. Also, notice how their logo shapes the website through colors and fonts. All and all - own your logo, take font and color inspiration from it, and display them boldly across all marketing media. Show off your brand and don’t move away from it. Customers will value the consistency and brand patriotism.

Home run!

Establish your brand with brand guidelines (also known as: graphic standards, style guide) and if you already have one - take note of its influence across your company’s media. is here to help make your brand a bold, successful one.

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