Essentials of How to Boost Conversion on Landing Pages

Do you have lots of visitors but not a great deal of sales? In other words, are you having trouble converting customers? How do you convince your visitors to initiate a conversion? A high converting landing page can prove to be an essential factor in how well your website performs. In this post, we will delve into some solid strategies and best practices to ensure your landing page will convert well, each and every time.

Understanding landing pages

First, we must understand what makes up a successful landing page. Each and every landing page should be unique to its purpose. Each one needs a different call to action, a different product or service offered and a different audience in mind. Your landing page may often be the first page your visitors land upon after clicking an ad or promotional email. This page should be designed to direct your visitors to take a specific action such as a purchase, registration or subscription.

Create an effective headline

A strong killer headline is crucial to the success of your landing page. A good headline needs to grab the user’s attention and compel them to stay and learn more about what it is you are offering. Try to create something that the user can relate to and peak their interest to learn more. Persuasive sub headlines can be just as important as the headline above. The headline should grab your readers’ attention while the sub headline should make them stay.

Consistency is key

Be consistent with your marketing, branding and tone of voice on your landing pages. Make sure to keep your messages short and relevant. Make it clear and concise. Your visitors need to read through it quickly. Try using bullet points to drive home major points. Landing pages should maintain your brand. Look and feel should be consistent with other marketing efforts. Keep the overall look and feel of your main site to promote brand awareness.

Provide one specific call to action or objective

Landing pages should focus on getting visitors to take one specific action. The design should make that call to action very clear. Multiple CTA’s can distract or confuse users on what action to take, therefore keep it simple for your audience. It is best not to offer options, as conversions may suffer.

Create a value proposition

What do you have to offer that no one else does? It is very important to let your visitors know why they should use your product or service over the competition. Your audience want to know what’s in it for them. Start by describing the benefits of what you are offering.

It may be a smart approach to create a sense of urgency such as a “limited time offer.” These types of messages can encourage and compel users to take a desired action.

Structure your page logically

Guide your visitors on how to read the landing page. Ensure the page is designed and arranged in a logical flow that makes sense to the user. Start with an explanation and continue with the benefits of what you are offering. Include testimonials or reviews to booster the credibility. End with your call to action. This is proven to be the most persuasive approach to structuring your landing page.

Test and make necessary tweaks

Test, test, test! Is your page converting? Split testing two variations of your landing page may help you make necessary tweaks and improve elements to increase conversions. A few examples may be to test different headlines, calls to actions, button designs and colors, or maybe longer copy versus shorter copy. Find out what works best for your products and services.


No matter the size of your business, these few essential tips can help you build the perfect landing page that converts well. Landing page optimization is crucial to increase leads, purchases, subscriptions and sign-ups. Start by implementing these tips, and you too could have a landing page that converts well each and every time!

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