Integrating Your AMS

Integrating your AMS to your website is no longer a cool feature for your staff and members, it is a requirement to provide outstanding web experiences to your members and constituents. We'll discuss benefits and cool features you can provide to your web visitors integrating the two and how you can get smarter about marketing to your members after doing so. Though many AMS systems are natively more compatible with specific CMS platforms - fear not! - there are many different ways to integrate to maximize your marketing and get smarter about your members.


By marrying the information you have in your AMS database with your website, you're able to personalize the website experience for each individual member or constituent. Using data points like registration information, survey data, and membership level can inform the website to each member's likes and interests and personalize their browsing. For example, say a member recently attended a live event focused on a specific topic. If your system is integrated, the next time they visit your website and log in, they can be shown blog posts, content, and other events focused on that topic area - or things similar to it - as well.  Using this principle, and recycling content displayed for each visitor, can bring them back time and time again and your website can become their primary resource for information.

Smarter Marketing to Members and Potential Members:

We just discussed how your AMS information can inform the data and display on your website, but you can also use your website data to inform the information you have in your AMS. For example, say a person has visited your site 15 times over the last few months, but are not yet a member. They go to a piece of content and submit the form to download that content. Many AMS systems have the ability to track IP addresses of visitors and roll all of their browsing information into a record once someone converts. So now you have a treasure trove of information about someone who just converted on your website the first time. You're now able to begin personalizing to this browser and hopefully drive them to membership. This can be applied with up-selling memberships, driving event registrations and more using browsing history to inform your marketing.

If you have an idea with how to use your AMS or website data to make experiences better for your members, chances are the first step is to integrate the two. Endless possibilities for new age personalized marketing are available with the right system set up.

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Steven LaGow is on the Partnerships team as the Regional Partner Marketing Manager based out of Washington DC, specifically focused on the association and nonprofit markets. Having worked with these organizations for the last 5 years, he is committed to helping Associations and Nonprofits focus on their missions and providing their members and constituents the best possible web experience. In his free time, he loves attending Washington Nationals games, watching Manchester United, and all kinds of live music.

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