Hosting: Make your Online Service Fast and Reliable

The hosting solution you choose can make a huge difference in terms of how your site will run and how quickly your customers can make their purchase or find the information they’re looking for without waiting for slow loading pages. As detailed recently by Entrepreneur, your hosting service is key to how efficiently you meet your users’ needs.

Read on for our thoughts on hosting, and 3 top factors to consider when choosing a hosting provider.

1. Keep up the Pace

Customers and web users of all kinds are used to instant online service – whether they’re purchasing a gift, shopping for groceries or researching colleges they want to complete their transaction or find answers to their questions as quickly and easily as possible. A good hosting service will mean your site runs more quickly so your users don’t have to spend time waiting for your site to load. A slow-loading site can also mean you risk losing customers to a faster competitor.

Site speed can also affect where you’re ranked on Google. Google engineers have found that even 400 milliseconds is too long for today’s users. As such, site speed is one of the many factors that make up Google’s algorithm to determine where you rank on its search engine results pages.

2. Don't Suffer from Downtime

Any business needs to be able to rely on its site, day to day and during particularly high-traffic seasons or events. No one wants to put out an ad or promotion that brings in a surge of customers only to find their site can’t take the pressure! Ensure your hosting provider can meet your current demands and will help you reach future traffic goals.

Downtime can cause customer frustration and lost revenue.  Don’t forget to ask any potential hosting providers what uptime percentage you can expect if you choose to host with them.

3. Trust in Customer Service

As with any service that you rely on for your business, customer service and support is a huge factor when choosing a hosting provider. The ability to call your hosting team when you have a problem or question is something that shouldn’t be overlooked in terms of importance.

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