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WordPress values your time and you should too! As the world’s leading open source CMS, WordPress is chock full of tools that can help you save time. Of course, you could spend all day, every day managing your site and your customers, but there’s a better way through the use of automation! The future is now, so let the robots start doing some of the work for you.

Automate The Simple Stuff

Let’s face it, you’re busy. No one has time to take care of everything and managing your website is a big time investment. You may find yourself needing to write and publish content, moderate comments, monitor orders, check email contacts, handle site marketing, and more all on a regular basis. It’s a lot for someone to do, but WordPress can help. The people behind WordPress often find themselves to be as busy as you, and because of this there’s a whole set of automation tools out there to help you take back your time!

Out of the box WordPress understands that there’s no reason to make you handle every button click when you could just as easily schedule things for the future. With WordPress, you can schedule the publishing dates of your content well in advance and save yourself time to work on things that are more important. You can build up a backlog as large as you want and keep your content rolling out on a simple schedule. Every minute you free up saves you time better used to focus on the important parts of work. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to automation in WordPress.

Moderation made easy

Comments are the backbone of a healthy community and a great way for people to interact with your site. The downside to comments is the spam. Without moderation, you can open yourself and your users up to a lot of potentially harmful interactions, like links to phishing or maleware scams. Ideally, you’d be able to read every comment and approve or deny each one. But as you become more successful, the number of comments coming in could take a lifetime to read. So, what do you do? You automate!

WordPress has a whole host of tools that make moderation simple. There are plugins to check comments for spam, there are ways to restrict inappropriate language, and there are even auto approval/denial timelines you can set for when you can’t get to every comment. The Sisyphean task you envision can be turned into a manageable and stress free facet of your day.

Automate Social Media

If you have any type of social media presence, you know you have to post everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest: they all get your content out in front of potential readers who may become clients or customers in your future. Posting to each social media platform can be a hassle; posting the same thing repeatedly on different platforms can eat up a lot of your time. With WordPress, you don’t have to waste your day on social media.

Automated social media sharing can change a time consuming task into something you simply forget about. Your content can be posted to multiple social media sites without manual intervention and draw more people into your site. This is a must use automation for any content-focused website.

Business Automation

Taking care of your content is one thing, but what about your business? If you sell a product or market a service online there are so many things you can have your site do for you. You should let your site be your salesman, one that never sleeps!

WooCommerce Automation

With WooCommerce, WordPress’s ecommerce plugin, you can take automation to a whole new level. WooCommerce can be extended to meet your business needs and process your orders in a way that almost makes the store run itself. You can automate customer emails, checkup on cart abandonment, process orders, or even get shipping labels. Automation with WooCommerce can help make your business run smoothly and really give you the time you need to focus on the other important aspects of your business.

Marketing Automation

Running the store isn’t the only problem you’ll face with selling products online. Most online stores fail because they don’t market themselves correctly. With automated marketing automation built on top of WooCommerce and WordPress, you can move your readers into your sales funnel with ease. Getting people to go from site visitors to customers no longer has to be a grueling process. Let your site handle the process for you and send people scheduled emails, timely discounts, and reminders on sales.

Testing, Updates, and Backups

If there’s one thing that can paralyze someone running a site, it’s maintenance. There’s always so much to do! Plugins and components need updates constantly, backups need to be made, and testing needs to be run every time you update a part of the site. With some ingenuity, WordPress can help you take care of this too.

While site maintenance automation is a topic that deserves an article all its own, it’s worth noting that WordPress can take the hassle out of your maintence process. It is possible to setup a site that runs its own updates, manages its own testing, and notifies you whenever there are any issues. While this is a little more involved and takes some real work to get setup the first time, it can help increase the longevity of your site. Not only will it take a lot of worry off your shoulders, it’ll get rid of a lot of the guesswork.

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