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The time has come for B2B businesses to embrace the future and make the most of their web presence.

There is so much B2B businesses can do with new technology, to improve the online experience for their customers and encourage customers to conduct business online.

But where to begin? For many B2B business owners, there are fewer web-savvy role models to look to, and the idea of overhauling a long-serving site can be daunting. At, we firmly believe that the answer is found in strategy. A solid strategy will analyze what you have now, where you need to be and come up with a plan to get there.  

Find Out Where You Stand

The strategy process often starts with auditing your current site. This process can help you understand:

  • What you’re doing well

  • What needs to improve

  • The scale of the task ahead

An audit means assessing every aspect of your site and determining where it falls short and where it currently succeeds. This process enables you to find out whether what you have is working for your customers and where you stand with them.

An audit may include looking at your top 20 pieces of content, reviewing how your site navigation works, and looking at the design and functionality on your site.

Know Your Audience

An important part of strategy is ensuring you know your target audience. Think about the demographics of your site visitors, including age, gender and location. Are these the people you wish to target? Are you looking to broaden your customer base or better welcome a new demographic?

B2B companies have multiple users involved in the buying process:

  • Purchasers (Enter the transaction but may not make the decision to purchase from your company)

  • Influencers (Influence the decision makers on where they should make purchases from)

  • Decision makers

Consider User Testing

There’s no better way to find out where your site falls short than to ask your users to test it. User testing can help you to identify user pain points, help you find out how to improve navigation and more.  

Try Out A/B Testing

Even if your site is in great shape, there’s always room for improvement. A/B Testing can help you make subtle changes to your site that can result in outstanding improvements, whether that be to generate more leads or increase sales. Changing the color of a button, the size of text or the wording of a call to action can make a significant difference to who decides to continue down the funnel. A/B Testing enables you to test what you believe will improve you site, enabling you to make proven, data-driven decisions.

Make the Most of Marketing

Even if your site is in great shape, without a marketing strategy, no one will know you’re out there. SEO, email marketing and social media are all essential to ensuring your users can find you through the search engines, and have an awareness of your brand.

It’s important to target both segments of users:

  • Potential customers you do not already sell to, to create new business

  • Existing customers – encouraging them to use online channels.

From foundational strategy to information architecture, offers a variety of strategy services to suit a range of needs. Contact us today to get started!

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