Amazon: The Search Tool You Need to Be Found On

When you think ‘search’, no doubt you think of Google. Improving SEO with a goal to improve your Google, Bing and other search engine rankings is an essential part of marketing any online business.

But when it comes to ecommerce and product search, there’s another player you need to be aware of: Amazon.

Why Amazon?

According to a study by Raymond James, Amazon is the tool of choice for a whopping 52% of product searches – that’s right, at more than half the share, it’s dominating the market.  Younger shoppers, in particular those aged 18-29 years, appear to be moving away from Google and towards Amazon when it comes to product search.

Amazon Prime is also continuing to grow in popularity, suggesting loyalty to the brand. Amazon Prime membership not only comes with the benefit of free two-day shipping, but also the ability to watch countless shows, listen to music, store photos and more, putting Prime membership in competition with Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and other similar services.

Amazon is growing. Now is the time to invest and grow your brand in partnership with Amazon – whether your competitors are ahead of the game or lagging behind. 

Get Listed On Amazon

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C retailer, Amazon is a great place to be found by new customers. If you have any interest on selling through Amazon, make sure your products are listed on the site!

Whether you’re selling a well-known, popular brand, or sell products for a niche market, you’ll find people looking for your products on Amazon.

From generic searches like ‘2018 journal’ to ‘Cath Kidston 2018 journal’, branded and unbranded search terms are commonly used on Amazon, just as they would be on Google.

Create Listings that Stand Out

Listing your products on Amazon is important – invest the time it needs to gather product data and ensure you have the information your customers need to move forward with completing a purchase. Amazon has the easy check-out process your customers love, but it’s down to you to make your listing the one they complete their transaction with.

Be an Active Amazon Seller

Respond to reviews and feedback, and interact with your customers via Amazon. These simple actions can build trust between you, your customers and Amazon users considering purchase.

Of course, offering a product that’s accurate to the description and that arrives on time is essential to receiving those good reviews and to continued success on Amazon.

Make the Most of Marketing

Amazon offers a range of marketing tools to help you promote your products:

  • Develop a brand page

  • Use headline search ads (banner ads)

  • Try out retargeting

  • Consider sponsored products – the Amazon version of paid search.

Take a look at competitor pages to see where you can improve and get new ideas for your own Amazon presence.

Keep Up With Google Too!

Of course, Google is still a huge player, and Google Shopping continues to compete for your customer’s attention. Neglecting Google is therefore not an option - stay relevant and make sure you can be found on both Amazon and Google.  

To read more about this topic, check out Digital Commerce 360, Business Insider, and AdAge.

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