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All businesses need a website. That’s why Americaneagle.com has a vast range of clients from all sorts of industries that are looking for a website or site support. For the majority of these clients, they come to us for a new homepage design. Americaneagle.com will collect the client’s branding materials: brand guidelines, logo art, imagery, and any marketing copy (i.e. taglines). Other factors we like to have for reference are current and general website likes and dislikes, competitors and goals. After that, the homepage design can be conceived by our talented team of web graphic designers. When the new concept is presented for the first time, the client has some frequently asked design questions.  This blog post is a guide to answer the questions posed by clients upon the first presentation of a new design.

Copy that.
Upon homepage design reveal, text or vocabulary is typically the first client comment. These comments are mainly about changing hero text, calls-to-action, headings, body copy etc. Obviously, text is high on the new site priority list, but it’s important to look at the new design from an artist’s perspective. Copy can change later in the site design process. Look at the design strictly for look and feel and whether that communicates your brand and what you are trying to sell. As said before, text is important - but getting hung up on specific wording will not help. Look at the content areas as a whole, visualize if the content space has enough copy space to support the module or section it’s representing. Any messaging can change later, after the design process. The lesson here is not to get caught up on text, copy that?

Picture this.
The second most popular comment is about changing out images for a more desired image. The answer is always yes. When the client has their own imagery, it personalizes the website and is unique to the brand. If they don’t have images, it’s no problem because the designers can utilize the client’s stock imagery source or Shutterstock. The best part about using a stock imagery site is that the client can participate in the design choices of the images and recommend some by relaying the image ID #’s to the designer. Images can always change at any time, before and after a website is through launch. Don’t fret, Americaneagle.com will help you find the best images to represent your brand.

Don’t fold.
The third most frequently asked design question (FADQ) is, “can the whole site be above the fold?” Short answer, yes. However, our recommendation is no. In the past few years studies have shown that users are used to scrolling by habit and prefer it. Important call outs should go above the fold, but cramming the whole site in the browser window can overwhelm the site visitor and they may opt out quicker than you’d like. We assure you that a scrolling site is better for your customers and site visitors. To reiterate, scrolling is a natural user movement so don’t fold under outdated practices - elongate those homepage sections for breathing room. Space to scroll and grow is a good thing!

The fourth most FADQ design question is: can the logo be bigger? Another short answer, yes. As long as the logo is legible, it will be seen. Our designers are skilled at making clean headers and the standout part is always the logo. There’s nothing wrong with a bigger logo, just be cognoscente of the header height so that it doesn’t get too out of hand!

Responsive times.
Responsive times, I mean multiple device size times, call for everything to be responsive. When the designers at Americaneagle.com work with a new concept, they think about not only the desktop design but the mobile design as well so that both will have fluid, thoughtful transitions. So next time you ask, “Is there a mobile site?” Why, yes of course there is!

All in all, the new site concept when being pitched for the first time is a flat image. The designers can simulate a few web experiences like dropdown menus but be mindful it’s not coded yet (that’s the next step after designs are completed).

Speaking of dropdown menus, we can design that! Are you looking for a simple fly out menu or do you have a lot of products and sub categories and need a mega menu? Think of the new site as art that communicates about your company’s brand, main message, and call-to-actions. Ultimately, we will help make the site of your dreams and always answer your FADQ’s. No question is a bad question and if you have to read this prior to a new site presentation, then please keep this in mind for that next, outstanding design!

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