The New Facebook Algorithm: How Will It Affect My Brand?

As of January, Facebook started making some changes to its algorithm that might impact your brand or marketing tactics. The change is said to be one of the biggest social media algorithm adjustments for marketers, and will likely impact the reach of your business posts.  For businesses invested in using Facebook to reach their target audience, it’s time to look into what the changes will mean and how you can best strategize to keep your Facebook posts performing.

The Goal of the Algorithm

On January 11th, Mark Zuckerberg made a Facebook post announcing the changes and detailing what to expect from Facebook over the coming months as the changes are rolled out.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook message covers the following key points:

  • Business posts will need to move away from simply sharing relevant content, and instead will need to encourage “meaningful interaction” between Facebook users.

  • Engagement metrics and time spent on Facebook may reduce, but the time that is spent will be more valuable.

The overarching goal of the algorithm is to focus on content that creates conversation and connections between users.

Top Tips for Future Facebook Posts

Quality over Quantity

Focus on quality content and conversation-starting content rather than on how often you post. Quality content is always beneficial and can be used across all marketing channels, so spending time on this won’t be a wasted effort.

Don’t Ask for Attention, Earn It

Rely on the merit of your post, rather than asking users to tag one-another, like, comment or share. If you produce good content, it’ll get the interaction it deserves anyway. Facebook, particularly with its updated goal for user interaction, is unlikely to appreciate these tactics, known as “engagement baiting”. Asking Yes/No questions is a no-go, but asking meaningful questions that require thoughtful answers will help create the community engagement you and Facebook seek.

Partner with Influencers

Social media influencers are becoming more and more popular, and partnering with influencers is all part of integrating your brand with a lifestyle your users are looking to replicate. Partner with an influencer that fits with your brand to get in front of their followers. Finding the influencers that are right for your brand and speak to your audience will be key to this process.

Share Live Videos

In his Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg states: … “there are many tight-knit communities around TV shows and sports teams. We've seen people interact way more around live videos than regular ones.” Make the most of his advice, and Facebook LIVE, where possible.  

Research your Fanbase

Who is interested in your brand? Look into geography, demographics and interests. Use Facebook Insights to find out, and better tailor your content to these users. The time of day your users are scrolling though Facebook should also impact when you schedule posts for best engagement.’s digital marketing team is available to discuss how to create online connections through content quality improvements. We’ll pinpoint areas that businesses need to focus on for their Facebook channel efforts.

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