Web Trends and Modern Marketing for Franchise Fruition

As marketing and online technology continues to develop, the opportunities for franchises, just like countless other B2B and B2C businesses, continue to soar.

Learning how to leverage this new technology, including essential platforms, systems and marketing tools, can ignite your brand, give your marketing team greater control, and strengthen trust among your users. 

Create Cohesion

Particularly important for franchises is a sense of cohesiveness across franchises. Not only are you selling the same products or services, each franchise is representative of the same brand. The same is true of any web presence a franchise creates. Choosing a multi-site platform can aid your efforts to create a consistent user experience across franchises. A multi-site platform can enable you to create a core website and then spawn multiple additional sites for individual franchise locations, all on a single CMS.

Make the Most of Data

Data is key. With the ability to integrate systems and platforms, make the most of Google Analytics and more. There’s no reason not to be collecting data. But don’t stop there – make sure you analyze your data to look at where you can improve, who to target, and where to invest your marketing budget. 

Gain User Trust

Consumer trust is essential for any franchise looking to build lasting relationships with its online users – and who wouldn’t want that? With the ease of finding other providers online, trust can make your brand stand apart. If a customer knows and trusts your brand, they’re less likely to reach out to your competitors. One way to gain customer trust is with a good quality website and well thought out messaging. Stay away from “spammy” text and low quality photography and design. Ensure your website and every piece of marketing is professional and reflects the quality of your brand. 

Develop Emotional Connections

Reach out to your customers as individuals. Simply using a first name in an email subject line can help make that emotional connection. Personalization, such as displaying relevant products to interested groups of users, is becoming more and more commonplace and easier to do. Use Personalization to help your customers find what they’re looking for before they know they need it. 

In Conclusion

Technology can help you with all the above and more. A strong, professional online presence can help with building your brand and improving brand perception - locally, nationally and internationally. For advice tailored to your franchise, contact Americaneagle.com today. 

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