B2B: How to Adapt for the Future

It would be hard for any marketer to have missed the rapid change that has taken place over the past few years in terms of how B2C companies use their online presence to market to their users. From personalization to navigation, the B2C world is all about ease of use to encourage customers to convert, and return for more. 

It’s time for the B2B world to catch up.

According to Data USA, the average age of Purchasing Managers is 46.6. According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of Purchasing Managers are between the ages of 55 and 64 years old. 

In the near future, Purchasing Managers will be younger, with a preference for purchasing online thanks to growing up with the internet. With the prevalence of technology and the huge shift in B2C commerce, an easy customer journey is what the leaders of your future customer businesses will be used to. The younger generation has been taught to expect what they need, when they need it, with bells on. In fact, they’ve been taught to be told what they need, before they even know they need it. 

Get ahead of the curve. 

There will be plenty of B2B businesses resisting the shift towards a B2C-style customer experience. But why resist when it could be the change you need to increase revenue?

The ROI seen by countless B2C leaders’ shows that great customer service, online, is appreciated by countless users every day. Why not make ordering from your company just as simple?

Ideas for a B2B Functionality with a B2C-style experience.

There are countless ideas typically used by B2C companies that can bring unlimited benefit to your B2B business. Here are just a few to consider looking into:

  • Modernize your website with a mobile-friendly design that has intuitive navigation. Make ordering easy by allowing your customers to make purchases directly in the stock room with a tablet or phone.  Avoid the extra steps of running reports and then finding a computer.

  • Choose advanced search to ensure customers can easily find what they’re looking for. Search can be configured to display personalized results based on a number of requirements, including company, location, etc.

  • Stay in touch with marketing automation.

  • Use analytics to track how customers are using your site and what information is most important to them

  • Use analytics to send the right message to the right audience members.

  • Use personalization, to ensure your customers are seeing the information that’s most relevant to them.

  • Integrate your website with your ERP or back-office software so your online customer experience mimics your offline processes.

  • Remove the need to have and maintain a separate customer portal.  Have a single website configured to provide standard information and then upon login, enhance experience with live negotiated pricing, a full organization order history, and additional tools for your business contacts. PunchOut2Go / EDI purchasing is also available on that same platform.

Your site, customer base and business goals are unique, and the above might not be right for you – get in touch with Americaneagle.com for advice tailored to your site. From heat-maps to strategy to A/B testing, we can help you make decisions that are proven to convert. 

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