Webinar: 9 Ecommerce Tips for a Successful 2018

We may be in the middle of a holiday frenzy, but now’s the time to start preparing for a strong start to 2018!

Ecommerce merchants, we invite you to join our next webinar 9 Ecommerce Tips for a Successful 2018 on Dec 12th, presented by Americaneagle.com, and our trusted partners, Signifyd and Brightpearl.

Why Invest in Ecommerce?

The technology available to online merchants is getting better and better, and as more possibilities become available, our customers’ expectations continue to rise. The focus, and the profit, is moving increasingly from brick and mortar store locations to online stores.

But this doesn’t mean customer service is becoming any less important. Customers are still looking for an online version of great customer service and a seamless omni-channel experience, whether their browsing your online store on a desktop or mobile, reading an email or social post from your digital marketing team or walking into their local store. 

Webinar Topics

Join our webinar for your first step to making 2018 your best year of ecommerce yet, and learn more about:

  • What you can be doing throughout all of your marketing channels to achieve omni-channel success.
  • How can you make it easy for your customers to buy and get their orders right and on time.
  • How you can maximize revenue while taking fewer risks.
Sign up and join us on December 12th to find out more!

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