Last Minute Cyber Monday Tips!

Cyber Monday on November 27th is fast approaching and, as one of the most important online shopping days in the calendar year, it’s essential you are prepared to make the most of it.

Here are just a few tips to help you promote your discount codes and engage your audience.

Tip #1: Make Use of Social Media

So, you’ve got promotions at the ready and great deals you know your customers won’t be able to resist? With so many deals on this one day of the year, ensure your customers know about yours!

Post promotional codes and offers on your social media accounts – this will make existing customers and fans of your brand feel appreciated for following you, and will make it more likely your code gets in front of them on a platform they engage with daily.

Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags such as #CyberMonday, particularly when posting on Twitter, so that your brand will show up for savvy shoppers searching for hashtags to find great deals.

Tip #2: Be Bold with Banners

Don’t let your promo codes go unnoticed on your website! Homepage banners displaying your discount codes, deals or offers will likely grab the attention of your site visitors right away. You can use similar banners on social media to use with your posts in tip #1 above.

Tip #3: Use a Countdown Clock

A sense of urgency can encourage your users to purchase efficiently. Help your customers shop this season by adding a countdown clock to your homepage that shows how long until your coupon code or other promotions expire.

Tip #4: Last Minute Email

A last minute email before or during Cyber Monday will alert customers to the fact you’re taking part and the possibility of a great deal! Getting your name out there amid the vast number of deals they’ll be exposed to is likely to increase orders simply by reminding your customers you’re here too. 

Tip #5: Exit Intent Offer on Cart Page

Getting your customers to your site is one step, conversion is another. Consider adding an exit intent offer to your site - for example, on the cart page. This might be a pop up that offers free shipping when a customer goes to exit out of your site, or another incentive to help them move from cart to final purchase.

Good luck, and have a busy, profitable Cyber Monday!

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