How to Choose an E-Ticketing Provider

If you’re ready to upgrade your ticketing solution and are searching for the perfect provider, there are certain things you’ll want to bear in mind before you commit. Here are some tips for anyone wondering what to consider when choosing an e-ticketing provider.

Look for Experience

E-ticketing projects can be complex and require vast knowledge of hardware, software, app building and an in-depth understanding of customer and business needs. Make sure you choose a provider with experience in the ticketing industry and other areas of technology so you know they’ll be able to ensure your solutions work from every angle. has vast experience in website development and other online solutions for huge names in transit, such as the Chicago Transit Authority, as well as having clients in almost every other industry. We also have experience creating online web portals, hosting, search engine optimization and providing disaster recovery services. From hardware to app development, we can fulfill your every ticketing need and work with carefully chosen partners to provide a high-quality, full service solution that you and your customers can trust.

2D Barcodes, Smart Cards and Wearables

The ticketing business is changing – look for a company that can provide a solution that goes beyond the basics and meets modern needs. can provide its customers with a range of cutting edge ticketing solutions including:

  • 2D barcode tickets
  • Smart card solutions
  • Wearable products, including watches, wristbands or almost any item of your choice

Opt for Android, Apple and Traditional Solutions

It is essential that you choose a provider that can meet the needs of all your customers and cater to smart phones of all kinds. can create both Apple and Android apps so that your ticketing solution is available to anyone looking to purchase tickets on any mobile device. In fact, we can create a solution that will enable your users to purchase, set up an account, and more on all devices, mobile apps and online, including a unique laptop solution.

Don’t forget, you must ensure your provider can also offer a traditional ticketing solution – a point of sale terminal and the ability to purchase tickets using cash or credit card onsite.

Choose an Account Based Central System creates ticketing solutions that use an account based central system, meaning every part of the solution is connected. Using an account based central system means that all data is securely stored – for example, any money or information is stored within your account rather than on the smart card or wearable itself.

Trust in 24/7 Customer Service

Getting used to any new system can be stressful, and the level of customer service you receive can make a huge difference to how streamlined your transition to a new solution may be. offers 24/7 in-house customer service and support from our headquarters in Des Plaines, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. We are proud to help our customers make the most of the technology we provide and ensure they’re confident using it and know exactly who to contact with any concerns, day or night.

Open Architecture

Choose a provider that uses open architecture. uses open architecture, which ultimately means our solutions are easily customizable and extendable. Open architecture solutions enable you to upgrade easily. We are able to create a solution that is adapted to meet your needs and is scalable to grow with your business.


Compliance is an important part of any business solution. Before you begin your project, ensure that your provider complies with industry standards. When you choose to work with, you can be confident your smart card solution conforms to ISO/IEC 14443 Type A/B standards.  Working with OSPT Alliance, used CIPURSE™ open security standard to provide solutions that are non-proprietary, open, and secure. is also PCI Level 1 compliant.

Customized Solution can create a customized solution to meet the unique needs of your organization. As well as providing a tailored solution, we can ensure your hardware looks the part by branding it to your organization. We can provide custom graphics services for your app and online portal too. 

Payment Options

Today’s consumers are looking for options, from cash to credit card to Apple Pay. Ensure your solution meets every need. can provide a solution that also works with transit benefit and institutional subscription. Using our solution, transit benefit will be held in a separate ‘purse’ and fare, pre-tax, will be deducted from here first.

Optional Hardware

Ensure you choose a ticketing team that can provide a variety of hardware, including retail point of sale terminals and cash registers, to allow customers to purchase tickets or reload card value on site. No matter what kind of hardware is right for you, can provide it, including off-the-shelf and OEM products. From onboard validators to portable fare inspection devices, we can provide what you’re looking for. Need something new? You’ll always know you can come back to for the solution.

Ensure Your Mobile Tickets Will Work Offline

While the internet is essential to e-ticketing solutions, it is also paramount to ensure that your customers can access their tickets offline and have them validated without an internet connection. Without this capability, there is likely to be frustration on the part of customers who have purchased tickets but are not able to get back online when they need to display their ticket. 

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is the essential service that nobody wants to think about, but don’t consider a provider that doesn’t offer it. has an in-house disaster recovery site, dedicated to maximizing uptime should an unforeseen calamity occur.  

TTP Take-Away

TTP (Transportation Technology Partners) is the e-ticketing focused division of As an e-ticketing provider, is unique, with variety and depth of experience in all things digital. We offer features that differ from our competitors and a level of support that is beyond valuable.

If you’re still searching for a trusted team of experts to provide a cutting edge ticketing solution, look no further than TTP.

As a side note, we’re looking forward to exhibiting at the upcoming APTA EXPO, October 9-11 2017. Visit us at booth no. 7108 if you have any questions!

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