Sitecore Symposium 2017: What to Expect?

Sitecore Symposium, taking place October 16th through the 19th in Las Vegas, is coming up and I’d like to share my expectations with you. is a Certified Platinum Implementation and Hosting Partner with Sitecore and proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the event, as well as exhibiting and speaking at Symposium.  

Sitecore Symposium presents a wonderful opportunity to network with other Sitecore experts, share ideas and learn more about the platform. As a Sitecore Digital Strategy MVP, Symposium is an important event and I’m looking forward to speaking as part of the marketing track with our outstanding client, Samaritan Health Services.

The title of our session is “No More Mythical Phase 2: Experience Marketing Becoming Reality”.

Samaritan Health Services came to to build a cutting edge new site that would make the most of the Sitecore platform. The Samaritan Health Services team serves more than 250,000 patients in 148 Locations, including 5 hospitals employing 965 providers. A huge part of Samaritan Health Services’ plan to improve the customer experience through the new site was with the experience marketing tools in the Sitecore platform.  During our presentation, Samaritan Health Services Marketing and PR Director Evonne Walls and I will explain the experience marketing planning process, from the start to actual execution, as well as the success the Samaritan Health Services team have seen since. The presentation will discuss the importance of data for personalization, A/B testing and profiling.

I will also be speaking on a panel titled: “Dazzling data: How to impress with dashboards”. In this session we will share our top tips on how to make the most of Sitecore's data and analytics, utilizing tools such as Power BI to build out visualizations of data into dashboards for combing data that is typically siloed in separate reports. 

Sitecore Symposium is a great place to build enthusiasm for the platform – you’re bound to find experts with ideas that can revolutionize the way you’re using Sitecore, or spark a new idea for your own company based on the experience of others. If we’re lucky, we might also find out a little more about the next version of Sitecore, and what the Sitecore team has in store for us next.

If you’re heading to Symposium this year, stop by booth number 209 to say hello to the team. We look forward to seeing you there!

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