Holiday Email Marketing Guide for Ecommerce - Part 3

Tips for Getting Your Holiday Campaign Strategy Ready

Plan ahead. For e-commerce stores to make the most out of the holiday season, it’s important to plan ahead. Identify what holidays your business wants to participate in and focus on tailoring your email marketing campaigns to each holiday.

A great way to kick-off your holiday campaign strategy is to start with a SWOT analysis that measures the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your branding and products. By identifying your potential competition’s strengths to your strengths, you can tailor the campaign in a way that supports your e-commerce business goals.

There are many resources ecommerce marketers can use to prepare for the campaign. Content calendars are a great email marketing resource to utilize. Take a look at the example below from GPS Hopper

Utilizing calendars like the one from GPS Hopper can help marketers figure out and plan the best times and optimal days to send their holiday content to consumers. There are various resources with content calendars available, including MailChimp, Hubspot and the one listed above from GPS Hopper. Do not be afraid to mix and match content calendars as you may find that one calendar works better for your email marketing needs during a certain holiday than another.

It is also important to make sure that your holiday emails are mobile ready. An estimated 71% of shoppers use their smartphones for research while in-store and a great mobile experience can make or break a purchase decision.

A final tip for planning your email marketing campaign: monitor the metrics. After you have crafted the perfect email workflow for each holiday your ecommerce business is participating in, pay attention to what is working and what is not. Monitor click-through rates, unsubscribes, and conversions. This will help you learn more about what content your subscribers want to see and what you should include in future email marketing campaigns.


With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s important for e-commerce marketers to be on top of their game with holiday email marketing. Take the time to identify the holidays you want to target with an email marketing campaign, and develop a plan that identifies your subscriber segments and appropriate content for each group. If you do, your e-commerce business should have a successful holiday season.

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