Holiday Email Marketing Guide for Ecommerce - Part 1

The Impact of Good Email Marketing on Sales

Email marketing has successfully proven itself to be a staple in the marketing channel for ecommerce companies. And as the holiday season fast approaches, it is important for ecommerce marketers to take advantage of every resource they have available. To fully benefit from the potential sales of the season, ecommerce marketers should focus their efforts on email marketing campaigns to get ahead.

For some marketers, the holiday marketing preplanning has already begun, with an estimated 49% of marketers creating and launching their campaigns by Halloween. Before you start sending out mass holiday emails to catch up, spend time planning and creating a thoughtful campaign that will show results.

According to one study, many businesses earn 50%-100% more revenue during the Black Friday to Christmas seasons than they do the whole shopping year. This means that is important to focus on creating click worthy and customer relevant emails as you ramp up planning for the holiday season.

By providing great content in emails, including eye catching designs, promotions, personalization, and engaging headlines, you can influence a customer into clicking-through to your website versus ending up in the spam folder this holiday season.

In this series of blog posts, you will learn:

  • The impact good email marketing has on sales and customer retention
  • How to personalize the customer email experience based on segments
  • Tips on getting your holiday email marketing campaign strategy ready

How Can Email Impact Your Sales?

According to Adobe Digital Insights, between November 1 and December 31, 2016 shoppers spent $91.7 billion online.

As stated above, email marketing plays an important role in communicating with customers and driving sales for ecommerce businesses.

Email marketing is also credited for being the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention in the United States.

In a survey, customers shared that emails were the compass they needed to find good deals for themselves and others during the holiday season, driving 17.7% of overall online orders during the season. 

As you can see by the stats above, once you win holiday email marketing you can win the holidays.

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