Design Tips and Advice: From the Designers

As an all things web company we work with nearly every industry providing digital services to a vast variety of markets. We design websites for almost every business you can think of and designers are needed that are not only good at design, but forward thinking, with knowledge of branding, that are chameleon like to understand the client, and with a mindset for thoughtful user experience. has a strong team of designers that all express a uniqueness in approach to digital design through their client work. Here are some thoughts from’s award winning UX/UI designers –who knows one of them might be designing your next website!

What branding advice would you give to a client?

Take photos of your product or service. It’s 2017 and everyone has a smartphone. If you don’t own an iPhone, I guarantee you know someone with one. I’m 100% against stock photography if it is avoidable. Do yourself a favor, snap a few pics, and your brand presence will improve drastically.

What are your artistic beliefs?

Be hard headed when it comes to quality vs quantity.

What’s one thing you enjoy about your role as a designer at

Though my official title is a graphic artist, I also get to flex my knowledge about advertising and business when working with the clients to best implement their business’ goals. Websites are often the face of a company, that’s why it is our job here at to give our clients a website they can truly be proud of!

Where do you find inspiration when you start a design?

I usually start within the client’s professional field, taking note of what their competitors are doing well. Then I’ll check out sites I think look great, and achieve the look and feel my client is going for.

If you had a design super power, what would it be?

The mind-meld, of course! Think of the time saved if you could reach into the mind of the client or the developer (or any of the team members) and begin design knowing what each’s desires and limitations are. Hmmm, does that take the fun out of it?

How do you feel about stock imagery?

Stock photography is such a love-hate relationship! So amazing to have that bountiful resource available, BUT the images are never exactly what you need. Stock photography has definitely made all designers improve/hone our retouching skills.

Do you design using a tablet and what do you use it for?

Yes! I design with a tablet … probably because I often begin concepts with pencil and paper. I have also found that over the years the wrist position is most comfortable.

If you could choose one of the following projects to design for which would you pick and why?: Wireframes, Dashboard Website Design, Homepage Design, Logo Redesign/Creation, and App Design

Project choice: wireframes. Figuring out the best method for revealing information is the foundation for everything else … it’s about the journey.

When did you know you wanted to be a graphic designer?

I probably first realized it in high school. I knew I was a bit different than the other kids when I would look at typography or layout with keen interest. At first I thought I was weird, but then I learned there were others like me – graphic designers.

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