Why Invest Your Efforts in Yelp Services?

When looking to purchase a new product or try a new service, you want to feel secure that you are making the right decision.  Yelp provides consumers with customer reviews in order to minimize the apprehension they experience when it comes to their spending decisions.  Nielsen reports that 74% of consumers searching online for a local business turn to a review site. As a certified Yelp Agency Partner, Americaneagle.com can assist you with all of your Yelp needs.  We provide account management services to increase your exposure and value on Yelp. Millions of consumers are using Yelp every day when it comes to making their purchasing decisions. 

These are the Yelp services that your business can benefit from:

Yelp Profile Listings Cleanup and Management

The first step is to claim your business.  This verifies that you are the owner and allows you to monitor customer reviews by responding to them either privately, or publicly, on your company’s behalf. This also gives you the opportunity to add photos, business hours, a phone number, and a link to your website so that when your business comes up on a search, the customer has all the information they need right at their fingertips. 

Enhanced Profile Setup

The objective of Yelp’s enhanced profile is to take visitors and convert them into your customers.  Features of an enhanced profile include: a photo slideshow, an optional video, a Call to Action button, as well as the removal of ads purchased by competitors and dedicated support for troubleshooting/cleanup of your profile.   A slideshow and video can strengthen the overview of your business as it allows visitors to get a glimpse inside your business and see what you have to offer.  The Call to Action button is the key to turning these visitors into your new customers.  This feature encourages your visitor to take action by directing them from your Yelp profile, to a page on your own website.   These include actions such as schedule an appointment, request a quote, enroll now, or print a coupon. In order to stay ahead of your competitors, an enhanced profile also removes ads purchased by nearby business from your Yelp profile.

Yelp Advertising


There are millions of consumers that are using Yelp as their review site every day. Yelp ads direct these consumers to your businesses’ page when they search for businesses similar to yours.  These targeted ads emerge in a variety of places including on relevant search results as well as competitor pages. The goal of Yelp advertising is to generate more leads and revenue for your business as they are promoted across all Yelp platforms including desktop, mobile website, and mobile app.  With cost-per-click ads, advertising is based on performance, therefore your business will only pay when users click on your targeted ad.

Yelp Analytics


Yelp analytics allow you to evaluate the success of your business profile by providing clear, accurate reports. This service offers tools such as the “User Views” graph, the “Customer Leads” feature, and the “Revenue Estimate” tool to give you a strong understanding of your profile’s performance.  Whether it is learning more about your visibility, tracking how users are engaging with your business, or measuring your lead generation, Yelp analytics can assist you in reviewing your site’s activity.


According to Nielsen, 82% of Yelp Users visit with the intention to purchase a product or service and 89% of those who buy do so within a week. Whether large or small, or what industry your business is a part of, utilizing Yelp services can assist your business in your digital advertising endeavors. As a full service digital agency, Americaneagle.com can enhance your entire online presence, including improving your reputation on the highly influential review site, yelp.  For more information, visit Americaneagle.com today.

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