Amaze your Members! Association Marketing Strategies

There are many content marketing ideas that associations can utilize to attract new members and retain existing ones. Read on for some fresh new ideas to add to your association marketing strategy.


Podcasts are often underrated by many associations. Since the conception of the first podcast, their popularity has increased exponentially. According to Edison Research, 40% of Americans have listened to a podcast at least once in their life.  As Associations Now explains, the most popular podcast network, NPR, experienced a record-setting 3.5 million downloads in 2016, one million more than was downloaded in 2015. With this huge growth in the podcast audience the market for advertising on podcasts has also increased.

Podcasts can help associations stay relevant, share valuable insight, and engage a new audience.


Blog posts, similar to the one you’re reading now, can be used as a pivotal tool for associations to reach new members. Blogs tend to be long enough that they allow you to convey valuable information to your audience, but short enough to easily digest. Association blog posts can include information for current members and others in the industry that have the potential to join the association in the future. Blog posts can also convey some of the benefits of joining an association.

Direct Mail

As the prevalence of email continues to skyrocket, the effectiveness of direct mail is gradually growing again. Customers receive less mail than they did a few short years ago, so they’re more likely to take the time to read a direct mail piece. Suddenly direct mail has become a little more special, and the tactic also offers some benefits that aren’t available via the email platform. A recipient of direct mail can save the physical copy of your letter, so it may be more likely to be re-read or noticed again than an opened email just sitting in an inbox.  Direct mail might also be considered a more personal way to reach out, particularly if you take the time to tailor your mailing to the needs or interests of the recipient.


As an association it is vitally important that you make use of a variety of marketing techniques to continuously engage with existing and potential members, and to keep your brand fresh and active. Here at, we have vast experience working with associations and can help guide you as to the best marketing techniques for your audience.

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