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Kentico EMS allows you to create an experience for your customers based on real-time information. For anyone interested in marketing automation and improving the customer experience, Kentico EMS is a great platform to consider. It is also has exceptional multilingual capabilities and goes beyond many other platforms in terms of the cultural, or multi-lingual settings it can provide - essential for easy management of sites belonging to global brands, published in multiple languages.

From editing tools to culture settings, Kentico has a lot to offer its users, providing simple solutions to managers of multi-lingual sites. This blog post will outline just a few of the development and management benefits of Kentico EMS, for global sites with multi-language and multi-cultural needs.

Culture Settings

When you build your site on Kentico EMS, it will come out of the box with a variety of culture settings to play with - so you can seamlessly alter your site to suit the many different cultures you serve around the world. With Kentico EMS you can very easily put these cultural settings in place, meaning far less work on the developer end. Pathways are already prebuilt to adjust these settings.

Multi-Lingual Content

Kentico EMS allows its users to build a language package within the CMS. You can create different content offerings that are viewable in a wide range of languages in order to best suit the needs of your users. This is ideal for international organizations that have product catalogs that differ from country to country.

Time & Date Management

Kentico EMS sets the time and date, for editing purposes, for you, so there is no confusion between time zones when editing sites for users in multiple countries.


Quick translation can be essential for the global site manager. Kentico EMS has an out-of-the- box connection with ‘’ for easy updates in any language. With Kentico EMS you will also have the ability to translate the site in seconds through Microsoft Translate, ideal for situations where you need a translation immediately.


Kentico goes beyond providing simple language solutions - built-in configuration for right to left languages will save vast amounts of developer time when using languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic and more.

Side by Side Editing

With Kentico EMS, you can pull up the English / original version of your site and the translated version, side by side, for content editors to review and ensure the text follows brand standards, etc. 

Workflow Designer

The Workflow Designer within Kentico CMS is a great tool for those working in many languages. Kentico EMS offers a language-specific workflow process, so that offices in different locations can have their own workflow.


Kentico EMS is ideal for global brands that want to empower their content editors to make changes without getting developers involved each time.  Kentico EMS is built so that content editors can handle cultural and language changes without knowledge of html.

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