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We live in the age of mobile technology, where online content is always at our fingertips or a click away. Today’s consumers need to be able to connect with businesses online through their mobile devices and laptops. Your business needs to be easily found and have a consistent digital brand across multiple platforms to reach these consumers. What makes a strong digital brand? How can you create the best possible experience with your brand for your online customers?

A strong digital brand can achieve this as it presents a promise you make to your customers and develops consistent messaging around this promise. Your digital identity is also very important. This will include your mark, color theme and other design elements which support your overall branding. This branding is also carried through in the attitude and communication presented through your employees. So how do we translate this digitally? If you are building an online brand, try to keep these important points in mind.

Make sure to have a strategy

One common theme that all the best brands share is a strategy and plan for all their online marketing. It is important to have a digital strategy to identify the areas where your customers are visiting on your site and make sure your brand is present on those pages. This strategy can help you architect and innovate to create value and revenue from your digital capabilities.

Digital strategies are often created in two stages. The first would be to create a separate marketing strategy. The second would be integrating the digital into the marketing strategy.

Be consistent with your messaging

Your customers will discover your business through many different avenues such as your website, social media or online marketing. It is critical for your digital brand to have consistent messaging throughout all your media. Have a differentiator to distinguish your brand from the competition. Selling points and content should be powerfully written to engage your users.

A strong brand will use consistent “look and feel” and messaging throughout all its platforms. Your users will expect to see this consistency through your website, social media campaigns and other online marketing efforts.

Make sure your content is discoverable

The next step is to make sure your content can be found! Your online efforts need to be optimized for search engines. PPC/paid search and display advertising can help people find your website to help grow and expand your market share.

Your digital brand also needs to be active on social media to reach online consumers. Have fun and create lasting campaigns that can engage your customers. It’s critical to your digital strategy to utilize the correct social channels for marketing to grow organic traffic to your website.

Measure your results

Google Analytics, Adobe, Facebook/YouTube/Twitter Analytics can all help measure the results of your online marketing efforts. It can be easy to tell if there’s a disconnect between your branding, messaging and your online audience. If you start to see increasing bounce rates, you may need to work on your consistency between all of these mediums.


In conclusion, it’s always important to stay on top of current trends throughout the industry as they change frequently. Make sure you are ready to evolve and change what is needed to differentiate your business from its competitors. 

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