Top Trade Show Tips – Our Experience at ExhibitorLive

The marketing team recently attended Exhibitor Magazine’s ExhibitorLive conference, the 29th annual professional development conference for trade show and corporate event marketers.

According to the Trade Show Survival Guide by Matt Hill, there are over 10,000 trade shows in the US every year, and over 6 billion dollars are spent supporting them.

The chances are that your company attends tradeshows, and plans to continue to do so. Trade shows are often great for promoting products and services, and gaining brand recognition from others in, or interested in, your industry.

While at the conference, we gained a lot of great insights into trade shows and would like to share some top tips to help you make your future trade shows a success.

Pre-Show Tips

Typically, the main goal for preshow marketing is to attract people to visit your booth while you’re at the show. Here are a few ways to go about this:

1. Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to efficiently let a lot of prospects know you’ll be at the show. They are cost efficient and can be effective. If you’re new to creating email campaigns, we can help. The strategy team works with clients to help them create good quality campaigns designed to engage customers and build you brand image, and teaches best practices. When it comes to pre-show email campaigns, one idea is to entice prospects with an enticing offer or mention of a free giveaway at your booth.

2. Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail is starting to make a come-back. This strategy is starting to work better than in the past because people receive far less direct mail today than they used to, so your message is more likely to stand out. Be creative with your direct mail campaign, make sure it ties in with your tradeshow strategy and will grab your readers’ attention. 

3. Personal Outreach via Email / Phone

Personal outreach is the top way to engage before a show – whether you choose to write a personal email, send a letter or call. The personal approach may be more time-consuming but is more likely to make an impact than an email blast. A personal approach can go a long way and is certainly worth considering for valuable clients.

4. Social Campaign

Social media campaigns are a great way to alert your followers to your presence at a show. can help you create engaging social campaigns to complement your trade show presence or build your brand. 

5. Company Branded Show Web Page

Ensure you also publicize your presence at a trade show on your company website. A company branded show webpage is a great idea. Highlight your booth, products and what will be taking place at your booth. Ensure there is a clear call to action and easy way to contact you from this web page. 

At the Show

Behavior at the show is very important to trade show success. Here are a few thoughts to be aware of ahead of time.

1. Staff

Make sure you send the right staff members to each trade show. The best staff members for a trade show are those that are prepared to engage with prospects, show a personal interest in them and their needs, are well-trained on your products or services and have the ability to ask the right questions. 

2. Capturing leads

It is essential you’re able to capture leads effectively while you’re at the show. Whether you use a lead retrieval device or the traditional pen and paper method, having a system you know you can rely on is very important. 

3. Create a Memorable Experience

Give prospects a memorable and personal experience while they are at the show engaging with your team. According to CEIR (Center for Exhibit Industry Research), 80% of what visitors remember the most about their visit to a booth is their interaction with the exhibit staff.

Post-Show Tips

1. Lead Follow-Up

Ensure you have a good process in place for following up with leads. It is important that you follow up as soon as possible after the show, so that your prospect feels valued and remains engaged. According to CEIR, 87% of leads captured at trade shows are not followed up on properly.  Each trade show you attend is an investment, so make sure you make the most of the leads you get. 

2. Post-Show Reporting

Post-show reporting is also key to your ability to track your progress and conversions, and ultimately, calculate your ROI. 

To Conclude

Trade shows are a significant investment for most companies. Make sure you are applying best practices to each trade show you attend, in terms of digital marketing and offline tradeshow tactics, to get the best return on investment that you could hope for. can help your digital components align with your offline trade show components – simply get in touch to create a more unified trade show experience.

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