Technology Tips for Associations Considering International Expansion

I have once again had the chance to speak with Dean Parisi, VP of Business Development here at, to find out more about web development, associations and global expansion. Read on to find out more.

Technology is key to helping your association achieve its global growth strategy. Your website and online presence is the global face of your organization and is an essential part of any international growth initiative. Through cutting edge technology, can help you achieve your goals.

Why International Expansion?

One of the things many associations contemplate is how to develop diverse and sustainable revenue streams. As traditional membership models are being challenged, many membership-based associations are looking internationally as a way to expand their footprint, influence and membership base.

What to Consider When Expanding Internationally

Advancements in web technologies are allowing associations to extend their brands beyond traditional U.S. borders. However, to successfully expand an association overseas, organizations need to consider several key factors, such as cultural differences, affordability, product relevancy, ability to deliver, and  long term investment.

How Can Technology Help?

One of the ways can help associations that have decided to go overseas is by creating a website or web pages that align with local needs. For example, offers multi-site, multi-currency and multi-language solutions that are essential for the expansion efforts of any association. 


Creating your website on a multi-site platform can enable you to spawn as many sites as you need, to serve different audiences, with a single, centralized platform to manage them. Read more about multi-site here to find out whether this could be the solution for you. Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out how client FASTSIGNS used a multi-site platform to spawn multiple international sites. Sites can even be spawned with relevant country-specific urls, an example being users in the United Kingdom would see 


If there is a need for any kind of monetary transaction on your site, multi-currency tools are crucial for an international association or brand of any kind. is an example of just one client site that makes use of multi-currency. Site users can simply select from a dropdown of 9 different countries and pricing across the site changes to the relevant currency.  


If you’re looking to communicate with a worldwide audience, multi-language tools are essential. Again, the site is an exceptional example of a site that enables users to read in the language of their choice. A simple dropdown allows users to choose from English and Spanish. 

By making a choice to offer multiple languages on your site, you’re increasing your ability to connect with a wider range of association members across the globe.

For more association specific advice, take a look at the last post based on an interview with Dean, or get in touch with

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