Transportation Technology Partners: An Interview with Tam

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Chung Chung Tam (Tam, as he prefers to be called), Senior Vice President from the Transportation Technology Partners (TTP), a division of, about TTP and the work they do. Read on to find out more about our great TTP team!

What is TTP?

Transportation Technology Partners is a division of TTP primarily works with clients in the transit / transportation industry, providing exceptional web design and development services and ticketing solutions. Our ticketing solutions are ideal for transit and other ticket-related industries, for example the entertainment and event industry.

What is your background and how does it relate to TTP?

I’ve been in transit fare payment for 27 years of my career. I first started as a Revenue Systems Engineer at the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). I spent over 19 years there and learned a lot, about the operation of fare equipment and strategy from a transit perspective. I oversaw the fare collection project management office, and worked on different bus and rail fare equipment, i.e., fareboxes, data probing systems, vaults, fare gates, ticket vending machines, POS terminals, etc. In addition, I managed the development and the maintenance of the Central Clearing House, communication infrastructure and the service support of the data system. I was the Technical Lead for the Chicago Card smart card system at CTA; I worked with to design and develop the Chicago Card Plus account-based smart card web portal system. During my tenure at CTA, I was elected as the Chair of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA)’s Fare Systems and Program Committee, appointed as the Chair of the APTA Universal Transit Farecard Standard (UTFS) Financial Management Committee and Co-chair of the APTA Transit Communications Interface Profiles (TCIP) - Fare Collection Working Group. Currently I serve as one of the U.S. Experts in transit fare payment for the ISO TC204/WG8 committee.

From there I was involved in the Intelligent Transportation System at Clever Devices, which offers fleet management and passenger information systems. I was also responsible for integration of fare payment and international business. I then oversaw the U.S. operation of a farebox and smart card fare payment company headquartered in Japan. I was president and COO in this role prior to joining, and my responsibilities were to oversee, design and deploy mobile and smart card fare payment systems in the U.S. Market.

What kind of transit projects has TTP worked on so far?

One of TTP’s first projects was for Channel Cat Water Taxi, a passenger ferry service run by MetroLINK, in Moline IL. We created a new mobile ticketing app to allow customers to purchase and download tickets to their mobile phones to be scanned by the ticket inspector, with a counterpart app that verifies the tickets validity. We created a similar, revolutionary mobile ticketing solution for Pierce County Ferry, operated by HMS Ferries, in Washington State, and Cross-Bay Ferry, also operated by HMS Ferries, in Florida.

What makes a great ticketing partner? has vast experience working with the CTA to design, host and maintain their website (, built on idev. The CTA’s Chicago Card Plus system was deployed by in 2003, and was used until 2014 when it was replaced by the CTA Ventra open payment system. Currently is also one of the subcontractors for this project, under Cubic Transportation Systems, to develop and maintain the Ventra web portal to manage user accounts and payment online.

Our breadth of experience makes us the ideal partner for ticketing projects of all kinds. With a background in web design and development, we can help with every aspect of your project. For example, if you work with TTP, all hosting and disaster recovery services will also be handled by, in house. When you work with us you always know who to turn to, there’s one place to call with any questions or issues, and we offer 24x7 customer support service at our headquarters locally. I believe we are your best partner to customize your ticketing solutions and support you after your system is deployed.

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