Headlines That Convert: 5 Top Tips

If you’re reading this, the headline did its job. If not, well, you’re missing out on a few quick tips for headlines that inform, convert, and enlighten. If you’re struggling with low open rates, high bounce rates, and middling conversions, the issue may not be your website, but the content, but its contents.

So with that, here are five quick tips on writing content that converts.

  1. Always have a value statement front and center. For example, this headline abruptly communicates the issue you may be having with your own headlines. It doesn’t have to be a listicle, or clickbait-esque title, but it does have to communicate clear value for the reader.


  2. It’s about them, not you. Avoid first person pronouns in your content at all costs. Why? Because browsers are looking for their own interest or answers to their questions. For example, instead of, “Our new process improves lead generation by 135%,” try, “Explore how your lead generation can be improved by 135% with our new tool.”


  3. Ask yourself, “Why would anyone care about this?” Avoid the marketing pitfalls of loving your own voice over the needs of your customers. Keeping value for viewers and readers at the forefront will naturally create content that converts more. Don’t post brags such as “Check out our new award,” post about bringing value to customers through award-winning designs.


  4. Experiment Away. Aim big, there’s billions of pieces of content on the internet, and readers do not sweat the effort your marketing team debating between “premium” or “luxury” in a headline. Reporting after the fact is more important than sweating the small stuff in development. So aim big, take some chances, and have fun with your customers. They’re human beings, not buzzword automatons.


  5. Test, Report, and Repeat. Test your headlines, test your product descriptions, test your slogans. Test EVERYTHING. Copy is not sacred; it is a means to an end. So looking at it with a critical eye, and testing all possible outcomes on your audience will only lead to more conversions and customers.

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