Writing For Your Website: 5 Top Tips

Writing for your website is an important task that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether you’re creating a new site or looking to better engage users, having well-written content that brings value to your readers is essential. Here are just a few top tips on how to write the perfect content for your website. 

Grab Attention with a Great Title

Coming up with a great title is one way to get your users reading.

There is certainly more than one way to craft a great title. A title should be relevant, using keywords and likely search terms so that it is more likely to appear in Google listing, but only if the content is very relevant. An interesting or relevant title is more likely to get a click through from the search engine results page.

A title that is fun or appealing will mean your readers go to your site with a certain interest and are keen to read on, while a title that gives a clear idea of what the article is about will let readers know they’ve found what they’re looking for. 

Use a Friendly Layout 

You can engage your readers with a friendly content layout. Long paragraphs of text can seem intimidating and are time consuming which may put many readers off. Bullet points and short paragraphs will appeal to readers, as below.

Keep it Short and Simple

In our busy world, users often favor short pieces of content that are clear and concise. Don’t be too ‘content heavy’; you’ll also want to include plenty of pictures and videos to tell your story and engage site visitors.

Also remember to tell your site users what they need to know in the simplest way possible, so that you don’t alienate anyone with technical jargon. 

Think SEO

Well written content can help with your SEO.

Important pages, for example those on specific, key products or services, blog posts, articles and informational pages can benefit from reaching 400+ words.

If you provide a service to a specific area you may want to consider writing pages of content tailored to users searching in those locations. An example of this kind of search might be ‘car rental in Barrington’.   A page tailored to ‘car rental in Barrington’ should contain location specific content and link to useful and relevant resources.

 Provide value

All your content should be of good quality and provide value to your reader. Particularly when writing a blog post or article, avoid using sales language and think about what your reader might be interested in finding out about and how you can help them achieve their own goals, rather than just about what you might want to tell them.

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