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Choosing a content management system that meets your needs can be a daunting task given the thousands of products that are available for consideration.  Even after narrowing in on the best available products using a Microsoft software stack, many options may at first seem equally sufficient.  As a certified Kentico developer, I believe that partner Kentico provides a solution that is an exceptional value, delivering powerful management, ecommerce, and marketing tools at a competitive price.

Using Kentico is a great experience for your back end users and allows them to create equally great experiences for your front end users.  The CMS interface is intuitive to use but also packed with features and flexibility, including granular security, personalization, and support for the latest best practices for responsive design.  Out of the box, Kentico is so feature-rich that your project might not have any functionality requirements that cannot be handled by using the CMS interface alone.

In the event that you do have more advanced requirements, extending Kentico is a breeze for our developers.  The Kentico API is comprehensive and facilitates integration with other systems. developers are Kentico-certified, intimately familiar with the product, and have years of experience.  We can customize existing functionality, add something completely new that is specific to your business, or integrate with any other systems you need.

Kentico’s approach to content is unique in that it encourages editors to simplify their concept of a content item.  For example, a news article and a blog post are more alike than they are different.  Thinking of them both as content first, then a specific type of content (article, post, etc.) second can help you modernize your content organization for multichannel distribution.  As an added bonus, the underlying data architecture for this contributes to Kentico running efficiently and scaling well.

Another advantage of Kentico is that it allows your project to be developed as either a .NET web site or a .NET web application.  Without getting too technical, this presents a choice between faster development times for a web site versus enhanced performance for a web application.  While we recommend the web application in most cases, I think this illustrates a level of flexibility Kentico provides to developers that other platforms typically do not provide.

Last, but not least, Kentico offers out-of-the-box web analytics and reporting capabilities to get your marketing initiatives up and running right away.  Web analytics collects information such as page views, conversions, website metrics and more, providing the data that you need almost instantly.  The reporting module assists with creating reports from data stored within the Kentico database, allowing you to gain new insight into the impact of your website content, analyze the performance of your online store, and track custom benchmarks for your business.

Kentico is a solid company with a strong product roadmap, dedicated support staff, and transparent pricing.  As a Kentico Gold Partner, enjoys a close relationship with Kentico and access to their latest and greatest developments.  We can help you maintain and grow your Kentico web site year after year, either in our industry-leading hosting environment or another environment, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

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