Are Your Marketing Resolutions Already Broken?

If you answered YES, here’s how to get your 2017 back on track!

One in three Americans will have broken their New Year’s Eve resolution by the end of January. For the average marketing team, this may be even sooner. Increased content output, a blog, better SEO performance, an email program, or all of the above are all common goals for marketing teams heading into 2017, but the follow-through is where these resolutions break down.

Here’s how to save them before the year is up.

1. Set Roles

You can’t run a kitchen with only chefs, you need clearly defined roles for your team members and expertise to both create and distribute product out the kitchen. The same goes for a marketing team. If you have three levels of permission and five individuals creating, but no one to post, write, or analyze, your marketing resolutions will fail. All organizations are different, but this is a super basic marketing team to emulate:

    1. Gate Keeper - gives approval, manages budget and sets long term goals.
    2. Manager - sets short term goals and delegates work.
    3. 2 Content Writers.
    4. 1 Analyst
2. Set a Content Calendar

If you don’t have a content/marketing calendar, you don’t have a plan. Before you start delegating tasks, set a marketing calendar that everyone on the team will have access to, and make sure it’s planned one month out from your current activities.

Hootsuite, Hubspot, and Sprout Social are all great tools for this, but even something as simple as a shared Google Sheet will get the job done.

3. Have a Budget

What’s your budget for marketing materials, photography, and video? If your answer is around 0, your marketing initiatives will suffer. Some content can be accomplished with very little media and production budgets, but these are ultimately the pieces with the least effect on your target market.

For your emails to pop, your website to convert more customers, and your social efforts to take off, you need more content than what you’re currently producing.

Not sure where to start? We can help.

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