Gulfstream Park Win the Race to Site Success: Watch!, a Progress Elite Partner, recently teamed up with Progress Sitefinity to create a video on our wonderful client Gulfstream Park, one of the best racetracks in the US. 

This video tells a story we’re proud to share – of how we helped Gulfstream grow from a racetrack to full entertainment destination by providing a site that could accurately represent their brand and help them engage with their customers.

When Gulfstream Park originally came to, the site they had was built on Drupal, and had become antiquated, with limitations that held them back from engaging with their audience as they wanted to. The site was also slower and they were keen to provide their customers with a site that would be easier to navigate.

To achieve their goals, created a new site for Gulfstream Park, built on the platform Sitefinity. Sitefinity provides its users with exceptional web content management and digital marketing abilities and is known for allowing flexibility and creativity. These attributes are exactly why this platform was a great fit for Gulfstream Park. As Craig Briars, Sales Director, explains in the video, “Sitefinity gave us the tools that we need to create the information set and user experience that is basically untouched by other parks across the country.” 

With modern design and easy navigation, the resulting site is vastly more engaging, and has enabled the Gulfstream team to be far more creative and to customize and innovate as their brand continues to develop. The new site allows users to view photos and videos of the park, and the Racing section of the site is integrated with Equibase and Video Replays.

Statistics also demonstrate the success of the new site. The Gulfstream team has been able to pull analytics from several sources that show huge traffic increases since the launch of the new site, including a 110% traffic increase on the racing section of the site, a 114% increase in mobile traffic, and 797% increase in social traffic. The site has been able to assist with their ultimate goal of increasing brand awareness.

We are so pleased that Gulfstream Park found the success they were looking for with their new site, and look forward to helping more brands build sites that truly represent them and will grow and develop as they do. 

We thank our client Gulfstream Park and our Platinum Partner Progress Sitefinity for this great success!

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Rachel Bennett
Rachel joined the team four years ago and is based at our London office. Rachel is a Digital Marketer and Content Writer. She works with clients to improve SEO and UX, run email and social campaigns and more. She also writes content for a wide range of clients, including blog posts, landing pages and whitepapers. Rachel has experience working within the web industry on various content management systems. Rachel studied for her BA in English Studies at The University of Nottingham, England. She enjoys drawing and travel.

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