Writing Good Copy is but a Small Part of Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing plays a YUGE role in influencing your website users. If done right, it gives credibility to your brand and increases awareness of your products and/or services which, in turn, generates more leads, traffic, and sales.

I won’t bore you with the well-known stats that I’m sure you’ve heard countless times, but it’s a fact that consumers today are spending more time researching products or services online before they buy than ever before. So it goes without saying that if your web content sucks, they’ll pretty much assume your products or services do as well!

Whether you write product descriptions, a blog, or anything else with written words for a website, you will initially need a content/digital strategy that will lay the foundation for your content writing. These are just a few of the main questions you need to have answered before you start creating that wonderful prose that would make Billy Shakespeare himself flush with excitement. 

Do you know your audience?

If you write a blog for a sports website, chances are you’ll know that your audience likes sports! That was tough. But what if you write copy and blog articles for a company that sells CMS software? Now that’s a tough one. During your digital strategy phase, through careful research, you can identify who your target customers/users are and what leads them to turn from browsers into buyers or brand advocates. You must present them with content that is appropriate to their specific persona, and that incredibly useful information must be gathered during the initial digital strategy phase. 

What are your relevant keywords/phrases so your content can be found?

As part of the copywriting team here at Americaneagle.com, one of the most important meetings we have with clients comes before we get started on their content. We talk to them about their business or organization, ask them what challenges they face, what kind of feeling they want to convey on their website, and other high level questions. Then we break it down into details on what their users would search for if they were looking for that particular website. This gives us a great head start to writing content that is relevant and will hopefully drive traffic.

What’s the title of your blog post or other piece of content that you’re going to publish?

Titles are absolutely crucial for a couple reasons. First, you want to make sure the major search engines can find, in your blog or news title, relevant content to the search terms being used. Picking a good title that will be conducive to search is key. Secondly, you want users to quickly look at your title and then feel at least an ounce of intrigue to read on and find out what you have to say about that particular topic. A good title seems pretty obvious, but many times it’s overlooked. 

Do you use and understand how to leverage your social media channels?

Once you write something that you think is persuasive or interesting pertaining to your website, it’s important that organic search is able to find your copy. It’s also becoming more and more important to utilize your social media channels to reach a bigger audience as well. If you post on Twitter and Facebook and some other channels on a relatively consistent basis and you provide useful information, your friends and followers are more likely to share your content with their friends and followers, thus helping to increase the eyeballs looking at your content. The more, the merrier, as they say. 

Developing content based on your voice, brand, and messaging is the key to successful content writing. At Americaneagle.com, we can help you not only develop your digital marketing strategy, we can also help with writing the content and all relevant copy. Once the foundation is set, you will see the results, and they will be YUUUGE. We’re always available to discuss these ideas in much more detail! 

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Shawn Griffin
Shawn has been with Americaneagle.com since 1999 in a variety of roles. Currently, Shawn is part of our digital marketing and content team. In addition to editing and producing written company pieces, he produces copy for clients and he also helps to produce our radio and TV spots. He wants to make sure everybody knows that it’s truly a collaborative effort – between many, including the people he’s worked for during the past 20+ years!

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