Post-Cyber Monday Update

This year, Cyber Monday reached record revenue highs, and was a huge lift for retailers across the United States. Thousands of merchants are once again grateful for sites that are efficient, able to handle high traffic, and responsive.

A record breaking $3.34 billion in ecommerce sales were generated this Black Friday, and on Cyber Monday, this increased to $3.39 billion. According to BigCommerce, this was the largest online shopping event in history.

So, what are merchants most grateful their site could handle and provide this Cyber Monday?

High traffic

If your site goes down during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, that’s potentially thousands of dollars in revenue lost.

Having a site that can handle high traffic, and essentially support your business when it succeeds, is something worth investing in.

Mobile Orders

According to BigCommerce, mobile sales generated $1.2 billion and $1.19 billion in sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas were the states with the highest percentage of mobile orders.

A site that is not optimized for mobile use will undoubtedly cause frustration and even turn off buyers that might be looking to purchase from you. If you haven’t already made your site responsive, make it a priority now.

Easy to navigate

Customers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday were looking for great deals; if your site quickly and easily gave them what they were looking for, you likely did well on both of these days. If you site is one that customers might get lost in, you’re less likely to succeed. You might also want to check how many steps it takes your customers to find an item and move through the checkout process – keep it short and simple.

Site search

For customers that come to your site with an idea in mind of what they want to buy, site search is essential. For those shopping on Cyber Monday during their lunch break, accurate site search, meaning efficient purchasing, could have made all the difference in a purchasing decision.

Quick to load pages

Your customers don’t want to wait, and on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this is no different. In fact, a few seconds is all most customers will wait before finding somewhere else to purchase. 

Easy to use Ecommerce Platform

Having an easy to use ecommerce platform is crucial for marketers looking to make quick changes to products and update their sites to display sale imagery over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you struggled with this this year, get in touch and we can help you find the right platform for your business. 


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