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Why to start putting your emails on autopilot

It sounds too good to be true: the ability to put 80 percent of your marketing efforts on autopilot. Saving time and making money in your sleep, what’s not to like? Nothing at all, but the secret to marketing automation is not sending emails, but the backend work, digital diligence, and customer research.

So here are the first three steps to begin your marketing automation journey.

  1. Observe and Report.

    Who are your customers? Who are your biggest fans? What do they buy? How do they talk? These are just a few questions to ask about your business when starting a marketing automation program.

    Delving into Google Analytics, listening in on your social feeds, and speaking with customer service are all great places to start. These avenues will give you a clear picture of who your current customer is.

    Finding out whom your customers could be is another side of the coin. Industry research, focus groups, and ideation on your side are key pieces to start a strategy on how to automate finding new customers.

  2. Finding a Platform Fit

    Marketing automation requires tools and figuring out which one of those tools is the right fit for your business is key. Here are a few questions to answer to find the right tool for you:

    • What is the experience level of your staff?
    • How many people will use it?
    • What’s your budget?
    • What features must you have?
    • What features do you not need?

    Need some assistance? We can help find the right tool for you as well.

  3. Set Your Goals

You can’t automate all your marketing, but you can make sure that the parts you are using are performing to your expectations.

Set those expectations, goals, and KPI’s now, along with a reporting process. That way, once your program is under way, you’ll know where to look to see if it’s succeeding.

Those are the basics - welcome to the world of marketing automation! Contact us today and we can help find tools, set goals, and start having your marketing work for you.

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