How to Cut Your Registration Lines in Half

Did you know that check-in was ranked as one of attendees’ top stressors at events? Since registration is often the first thing attendees experience before your event, it’s important that you make a good impression. If check-in isn’t completely efficient and smooth, your guests might apply that negativity to the entire event. Prevent that from happening by cutting your registration lines in half to ensure your attendees know what to expect from your next big event.

  1. Toss Your Printed Name Tags
    One of the biggest culprits of slowing down registration is hundreds (or thousands) of pre-printed nametags spread out on tables. Even if you manage to find your name, there’s a big chance it might spelled incorrectly or out of order, which can increase wait time and attendee frustration. For professional name tags, invest in a portable badge printer and allow attendees to print their own on the spot. Create check-in kiosks that allow your guests to check-in themselves and review and print their badges within seconds.

  2. Stop Handing Out Hard Copies
    By handing out hard copies of schedules and promotional material, you are adding extra costs and wait time to the registration process. The best way to avoid this is by delivering all your event information through a mobile event app. This provides your guests with updated information right in their phones and tablets, while streamlining the event experience overall. 

  3. Clear Up Any Confusion
    When attendees don’t know where to go, it can dramatically slow down the registration process. Clearly indicate which lines to stand in and where to go before and after checking in. Sometimes signage isn’t always enough. Make sure you strategically station your staff in high-traffic areas so they can help direct the flow and answer questions from attendees. If you’re using a mobile event app, send push notifications with directions. This allows guests to have directions at their fingertips if a staff member isn’t available.

Improve your event and impress your attendees with technology that smooths the entire experience, from start to finish. 

This blog post was written by Anderson Conte, Senior Associate of Content Marketing at Cvent.

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