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2016 has been deemed the year of conversational commerce and it’s time for companies to get on board with this new trend. According to Chris Messina, the person who coined the term, conversational commerce, “pertains to utilizing chat, messaging, or other natural language interfaces (i.e. voice) to interact with people, brands, or services and bots that heretofore have had no real place in the bidirectional, asynchronous messaging context.”

Simply put conversational commerce is interactions with companies over various social media platforms including Facebook messenger, Slack, and Twitter. This allows a more personalized experience that customers enjoy and the information given to them will be a tailored fit.

This move towards conversational commerce also helps prevent fraud due to a buildup of contextual information agents will have on customers. Messina elaborates more on the importance of conversational commerce, “This means that service builders will have to become very sensitive to the interaction that their users have with their agents and bots — humanizing the conversation, localizing correctly, and providing a meaningfully useful and differentiated service.”

Sitecore is prepared for this commerce evolution in customer interaction and has many different services available to help keep companies on track and increase their conversational agents and marketing plans.

Nick Powers perfectly sums up what Sitecore can do for you: “By using Sitecore in an integrated ecommerce platform you can get close to delivering a personal shopping experience for each customer, individually… Sitecore Commerce server allows you to then personalize based on the learned, or implied data too.”

Sitecore offers various services including a wide range of different types of e-commerce options. Paired with the Sitecore Experience Platform, they’re able to help deliver consistent customer shopping experiences by driving higher cart conversions and sales as well as a unique customer experience that encourages retention.

The Sitecore Experience Platform drives e-business value by integrating web content management, marketing automation, email marketing, social media, optimization, and analytics. The integration of these management products help produce an unbeatable shopping experience for customers.

With the ability to connect and collect individualized customer data, Sitecore takes conversational commerce to the next level for businesses. Sitecore is able to collect data on customer preferences - including trends, behaviors and purchases - to help shape a customer’s experience both online and instore.  This is especially useful when done in real time because it helps create lifelong customers.

Sitecore’s core platform offers an experienced marketing suite of tools that will help pave the way to conversational commerce by using the experience with context marketing to help win loyal customers by personalizing every experience a customer has.

The platform utilizes intelligence from your visitors’ current session and past visits to support one-to-one relevant interactions. Site analytics show exactly where the customer is from and what they are doing, and it even offers the option for your marketers to test what kind of content customers will really engage with before your site goes live.

Another benefit of the Sitecore Experience Platform is the ability it has to distinguish what type of device is being used, such as mobile or desktop, and it automatically adjusts interactions. The platform is also a great resource that provides automated real-time content. This means that we offer real time responses to customer’s activity right as it occurs which is a perfect opportunity for a business to extend relevant content and offers.

Our various customer experience platforms offer the option to really appeal and connect with customers and even nurture potential leads. Sitecore accomplishes this by embracing the year of conversational commerce and focusing on utilizing engagement plans that directly focus on delivering personalized emails, texts, or social media messages and automated marketing. The potential ROI from Sitecore Commerce is immense, its’ ecommerce features and API for integrations means it can streamline business processes and so save an organization time and money.

Through the Sitecore Experience Platform, Sitecore provides a tailored shopping experience for customers by delivering a seamless continuation of conversation across all platforms. strives to help you see the whole person your customer is by providing rich data insights that show exactly the desired customer wants and needs. Discover how can help your business start using conversational commerce methods by contacting us today.

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