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The Client 

Our client, BAI, was seeking a strong, customer-facing website that accentuated their style and brought awareness to their business. They came to us with a clear understanding of what they needed and were quick to adopt our insight and recommendations. Through dedicated collaboration with BAI’s internal development team and multiple 3rd-party vendors, we were able to deliver a site that far exceeded their expectations.

Developing for their Future
With Sitefinity’s Feather-based toolset fresh out of the gate, we had a perfect opportunity to implement new features and take advantage of our improved framework and development approaches. Our team created a variety of tools along with several new modules and integrations including membership functionality, custom event management, searchable catalogs, video tools and extremely flexible layouts.

By far, the most complex piece was the Banking Strategies tool, which combined several content types, authors, taxonomies and organizational features. Migrating this content to the new CMS required carful and extensive planning to connect all of the necessary data in a way that made sense and offered the greatest flexibility for management going forward. Coupled with a slick user interface and advanced search, this tool hit all of the marks for BAI.

An Effective Process
Our team took on this project with an agile approach complete with daily check-ins, sprint plans and clearly defined deliverables. Security and transparency were top priorities for BAI and we completed the bulk of our work either on-site or via secure remote connections. While this could have slowed the project down, the client’s commitment to providing the proper resources and timely information allowed us to meet our deadlines, launching on schedule and on budget. The client loves their new site and we couldn’t be happier

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While Scott currently focuses on front-end development, he has over 20 years of experience and leverages an array of digital wizardry, with a background in graphic design, web development and UX, and project management. Since joining in 2014, Scott has added Progress’s Sitefinity platform to his list of expertise and loves finding ways to improve its user experience. Fun fact: Scott is a minimalist at heart and casual clutter makes him tense. Oddly enough though, his wife claims this disposition never seems to help his clothes make it to the hamper. Hmmm…

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