Get Your Emails Opened: 3 Ways to Increase Your Open Rate

2.4 million emails are sent every second of every day. For your business, the question isn’t how to send more emails, but how to make your messages stand out among the deluge of all the others. Here are three tips to increase your open rate and effectively use your email list:

1. Provide Value

There’s a difference between providing deals and providing value – and they are not always mutually exclusive.

Value educates, surprises, and builds loyalty. Deals are one-time triggers to spur a sale. Deals are transactional where value builds a relationship. Both are needed in an effective email campaign, but if you are relying too heavily on deals and not value, you’re telling your customers your products are not worth their full asking price.

Some examples of value themed emails are:

  • Curated products based on past purchases
  • Asking for feedback on a recent purchase
  • Loyalty rewards based on past purchases

2. Provide Entertainment

Entertainment is the softer sale side compared to value. Here, you’re starting a conversation through content your brand is producing. The reason for this is to break up the sales-focused emails, and keep your customers engaged through videos, photography, interviews, and stories.

The big aspect of entertaining emails that goes missing is bringing the sale back into the equation. Call-to-actions, social opt-ins, comments, and purchases can all be driven through high-level content pieces, but strategies must be in place to grab that customer’s attention back into the purchasing funnel, even if it’s a day, week, or even longer than that later.

Some examples of entertainment themed emails are:

  • Stories of your product from a materials or manufacturing perspective
  • Interviewing customers on how they use your products
  • Big spectacle tent pole pieces that show where your products can take a customer

3. Test Them

The only way to ensure your emails are being opened and converting customers is by testing them.

Setting up a split testing platform for your emails is easy and efficient. And once set up, it takes the guesswork out of which email is best. Ask us about it today.

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